4 Best Gaming Keyboard Under 100

Best Gaming Keyboard Under 100

If you’re building your own gaming computer, you’re probably already spending a lot of money on graphics cards, cooling systems, motherboards, and other components. Perhaps you spent the majority of your money on a high-end graphics card and processor. So, you’re looking for a low-cost best gaming keyboard under 100 that works well. You’re in … Read more

How to Remove Keys of a Keyboard?

How to Remove Keys of a Keyboard

Most people spend the day doing work, online shopping, and playing games on their laptops or computer. But they want to know how to remove the keys of a keyboard So that they kept their keyboard clean and their laptops can work properly. Now the students also use the laptop for their online classes. Nowadays … Read more

How to Play Xbox One Games on PC?

How to Play Xbox One Games on PC

The Xbox one is the powerful console created by Microsoft and it is a good choice if you want a multi-platform game. The games run faster on this console because it has the best performance. No one can beat this console yet. You can play Xbox games on your computer because Microsoft has made it … Read more

How to Build a Gaming PC?

how to build a gaming pc

The diehard gamers always want to know that how to build a gaming PC? Your system should fulfill all the requirements to build a gaming PC. You need skill and experience to perform this task. While building a gaming PC consider your budget for choosing the case and the components. It is suggested to research … Read more

How Much RAM Do I Need For Gaming?

how much ram do i need for gaming

While purchasing the gaming computer, the frequently asked question of buyers is how much RAM do I need for gaming? Hardcore gamers need the best gaming computer to run their games smoothly. RAM is the main factor that indicates that your computer supports the game which you want to play. The RAM undertakes the content … Read more