8 Best Open-Back Headphones For Gaming!

Best Open Back Headphones for Gaming

If your job involves you spending endless hours in front of the screen and you play video games multiple times a week, then it is probably high time you looked into purchasing a good pair of headphones. The choice can be overwhelming and the prices can be sky-rocketing. This is when the best open-back headphones … Read more

How to Turn off Headphone Safety on iPhone?

How to Turn off Headphone Safety on iPhone

While the iPhone has a great set of features that you can use to keep yourself safe, there are also functions that you can use to turn on the headphone safety feature which will stop the iPhone from getting turned on by accident. While helpful, not everyone uses all of these functions and may not … Read more

Top 4 WaterProof Headphones For Swimming 2022!

Best Headphone for Swimming

If you are fond of swimming and aqua-aerobics and you also want to enjoy music tracks while doing these activities, then you must buy waterproof headphones. There is a wide range of headphones that are designed especially for people who love to swim and people who sweat. Waterproof headphones are capable of handling the water-filled … Read more

in-ear moniters, Top 4 & How To Choose Them?

Best in-ear Monitor

in-ear monitors are beneficial in live performances and in many other scenarios such as studio or rehearsal rooms. in-ear monitors are actually earbuds that work for individual singers and act as stage monitors. Without using the IEMs, the singer has to hear themselves by using the same speaker and they have to use the headphones … Read more