How Many Watts does a Laptop Use?

How many watts does a Laptop use?

Most of us have laptops, they have become an integral part of our lives and have been our tool in doing many things, giving us the chance to do complicated things with our hands. If you don’t know How many watts does a laptop use? Then we’ll tell you computers and laptops don’t have to … Read more

Easy Tips: How to Clean Laptop Fans?

How to clean Laptop Fans

Laptop fans are notorious for their dust collection. They absorb all the dirt from the air that leading to an accumulation of gunk–gross. Although you may think that a bit of dirt does not harm your laptop, dust in laptop fans can prevent proper airflow, which in turn overheats your CPU and GPU. The majority of laptops get … Read more

How to Factory Reset Asus Laptop?

How to Factory Reset Asus Laptop?

Asus is the name of safety, better user experience, and a big technology brand. Asus laptops are very elegant and renowned for their quality among users. The security system is advanced, so it’s a headache for you if you ever forget your Asus laptop login password. A factory reset is often the last way to … Read more