House Flipper Mod APK v1.143 (Unlimited Money)

If you love decorating houses and have always dreamed of being an interior designer?

House Flipper Mod APK is a game that’s not only fun but allows you to take your imagination to the next level by offering all kinds of wonderful decorations!

You can design and create beautiful, clean spaces that anyone would love to live in.

Get in on the action, as you combine new home cleanups, interior makeovers, and even paint jobs with an interactive environment that gives you an amazing sensation during gameplay.

Stay atop incomplete challenges by managing your time properly, learn about all aspects of house flipping through the simulation system and earn serious money!

App NameHouse Flipper
PublisherPlayWay SA
Latest Version1.143
MOD InfoUnlimited Money/Unlocked
Get it OnGoogle Play
Updated2 days ago


In House Flipper, your goal is to buy houses that have decayed or been damaged.

You will begin to redesign and refurbish the interior, then sell them for a profit If the paint color is too old and dirty, repaint the walls.

Tiling floors, installing equipment, and furniture, cleaning up dirty or damaged items and destroying useless rooms are some of the things you will need to do if you plan to make your house valuable enough that people may decide to buy it after you renovated everything.

It’s one of the bestsellers and most popular games on Steam.

This game is designed for everyone both those who are just starting to visit virtual worlds and those who know how to handle different situations in them, who do not abandon their friends in times of need and know that being alone, means loneliness.

On the right side of the screen, you can find a list of tools necessary for performing quests – these are mops, shovels, washing masks, and other things that make life much easier for everyone.

Especially for people without technical knowledge in this area or are deprived of good assistants like cleaners or housekeepers!

Also, we’ve added some popular items from the real world in the game with some changes for example round doors instead of the traditional ones because antique houses often were built with round doors.

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In House Flipper, players will be introduced to exciting gameplay where you play the role of a house repairman.

We have a lot of cool stuff in store for players like making repairs, cleaning up trash, and even dealing with some boisterous kids!

This game won’t keep you at home all day as we want to give players more freedom so we will also include puzzles that are designed around the thrills and chills of everyday life.

In House Flipper, players will be tasked with cleaning up trash and repairing items in their new role as house repairmen!

You’ll start by visiting the home in question and exploring all other rooms to complete your tasks – everything from picking up some dirty cups in the kitchen to repairing a faulty light switch.

When you’re done taking care of your business inside, collect your wages and make an exit through one of the doors found throughout the house.

The game becomes more challenging as you progress further through a level but it will also become very rewarding once you begin earning more money.

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Earn a lot of Money

You should be able to start with any House Flipper quest you desire. If the player destroys trash by tapping the pieces, then they vanish from sight.

The player must swipe your screen manually to remove stains on windows or clean dirty puddles on the house’s exterior surfaces.

Sometimes even spend money in order to replace an object that is broken or worn down so as not to damage other elements in reality.


The House Flipper MOD APK will follow up with its PC version and use advanced 3D graphics to build an excellent environment and visual quality.

With such a graphic engine, the game easily builds unique-designed interiors and gives players lots of new elements every time they start work in new locations.

The player can interact with almost all objects in the house, remove them, and put on new ones.

For example, an old vase of flowers can be removed and placed a new vase to make the room more vivid. With a real interactive environment, players will enjoy cleaning more than ever!

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FAQs Related to House Flipper Mod APK

Is the House Flipper game hard?

Although our game is just an endless simulation of working, it’s not so different from the real thing when it comes to the joy that can be experienced through a job well done.

Is the game House Flipper worth it?

All in all, House Flipper is a great game that can be enjoyed by players of any level.
It’s probably not something most casual gamers are used to seeing as it enters a bit of new territory as far as simulator games go – this has never been seen before and as such, it’s very unique.
Heading into the start of your business venture has never been so much fun! So it is very worth able.

How long is House Flipper?

Flipping houses might be a fun game to play, but how much time do you think it’ll take the average gamer to clear? If we take into consideration all aspects of gameplay, House Flipper is around 12 hours.
But if you’re the kind of gamer that wants to see everything offered by this game, you could play for about 32½ hours before completing every aspect of it.

How many houses are in a flipper?

House Flipper offers 20 houses in varying states of disrepair and neglect. However, beauty has been known to be in the eye of the beholder and each house comes with its set of challenges that your team will need to overcome for your business venture to succeed.
While some houses are bigger than others or host more rooms for potential buyers, you must take into consideration who is signing off on the renovation funds as most middle-class investors will only go as far as four bedrooms whereas high-earners have no limit.

Download House Flipper Game

House Flipper is one of the best games for Android users and to play it, you only need to press a button.

If you want to try an enjoyable game in 2022 while relaxing or sitting at home after a tiring day’s work, House Flipper is right here, ready for download!

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