How Many Watts does a Laptop Use?

Most of us have laptops, they have become an integral part of our lives and have been our tool in doing many things, giving us the chance to do complicated things with our hands.

If you don’t know How many watts does a laptop use? Then we’ll tell you computers and laptops don’t have to run a great deal of power, but sometimes you wonder how many watts are used when charging your laptop.

Your laptops usually use approximately 90 Watt an hour, but advanced laptops, such as laptops, can use up to 180 Watt an hour. One of your top priorities should be to determine how much power your laptop will consume.

It is essential to have a long-lasting battery if you are looking to take your laptop along long journeys or places where you can’t plug it in.

You need to know how many watts your laptop will use to understand the life of your battery. We are here, so you know How many watts a Laptop uses per hour.

It will help you answer this question. You will be pleasantly surprised to learn that the numbers of watts are really low.

Power Usage Depends Upon 

The power consumption of a laptop varies according to your screen size, usually up to 20 watts and up to 100 watts of electricity when the battery is run out.

We estimate the average power consumption of a laptop computer for a laptop 14-15 inches when plugged in, by a charge of 10-20 percent.

Power Usage Depends Upon

Types of Laptop

The key factor in energy consumption is that they typically consume about 60 watts per hour, when you use simple laptops and general laptops such as NoteBooks, while high-end laptops and laptops would consume more.

A few models can reach an average of 100 watts per hour, so most laptops are hot and need a refrigeration pad to alleviate it. And if you use your laptop for a charge or not, power consumption may be impaired.

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Graphics Card Type

In general, a high-end laptop has a high-end GPU and a high-end GPU has a high-end CPU and, in most cases, a better display quality, a higher battery capacity, and, therefore, everything is better.

A high-performance graphics card uses more power, especially if you play the GPU, which means that you need higher energy.

You have a high-energy laptop, and all of them together. Gaming platforms and powerful workstations, therefore, consume more power than basic laptops there, and 2 laptops in 1 use fewer watts.

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Adapter Wattage

Laptops have a loader and a loader adaptor has a certain number of watts. The amount of energy consumed per hour of use is watts, if your laptop has a 60watt adaptor, it will consume less electricity than those 90 Watts adapters.

  • Usually, a 15.6-inch laptop has a 60-watt charger.
  • Typically, a 17-inch laptop has a loading adapter of 90 watts.
Adapter Wattage

Types of CPU

A laptop-type CPU simply uses less power than those powerful CPUs while a laptop is using low-grade CPUs or processors.

The reason for this is simple: CPU makes the calculation use less energy slowly than CPUs which perform fast computing on the laptop. The higher the CPU, the higher a laptop’s power consumption.

Screen Size

More watts are needed to run a larger screen. Less power is used by smaller laptops.

How Many Watts Does a Laptop Use?

By looking at the charger (adapter wattage) of your laptop you can easily accept the approximate power level of your laptop consumption.

You have to take other things into account if you need a more precise number. For example, we will use the Acer Predator laptop and a load adapter with 180 watts per hour of power.

Let us not forget that a few of the main components, such as the CPU and GPU, tend to increase consumption.

Watts usage Based on Stage

Laptop off and battery char63W
Laptop off, battery disconnected1W
Laptop off, sleeping1W
Laptop on, idle on windows desktop15W

Watts usage by LCD

Maximum Screen Brightness15W
Minimum Screen Brightness11W

Power used by Hardware

Hard drive defragmenting18W
Hard drive sleeping14W
Hard drive idle15W

Onboard Wi-Fi Power usage

Wi-fi disabled15W
Wi-fi enabled16W
Wi-fi bandwidth test19W

Power used by CPU?

CPU idle45W
CPU running (torture test)50W

Calculations of Watts used by Laptop

Manual Calculation

Manual Calculation

Intel Processors or NVIDIA Graphics Cards, or AMD, supply most systems. Either you search for the power consumption of these components on your official website or simply look at yourself by opening the back panel and looking to be sure.

A CPU uses between 45W and 50W while a GPU between 745W to 80W can increase the watts use of a laptop up to more than 10-15 percent by combining these two components.

These are only average assumptions that can be higher depending on the component type you use. And don’t miss the brightness of the screen, it uses 11W to 15W an hour with the highest possible light.

What we mentioned up to now are only some of the components taken into account, while other components, such as HDD/SSD, RAM, etc.

do not make the exact figure possible, but an approx. value can be useful for a basic idea. Finally, we already know that it uses some 60 watts of electricity, 0.06 kWh, which will cost your laptop 6.76 cents to run for approximately eight hours a day (we use the average energy unit cost of 12 cents per kWh).

Use Monitor of Electricity

You can use an Electric Usage Monitor, a device that can be used over the power socket and can tell you the exact watts your laptop used when charging.

The good thing is that the calculation includes all the power consumed from a single socket. This device can also be used in your home to monitor other devices.

This might not be necessary, but it will nourish your curiosity if you are curious. You just have to put it on the plug wall and plug your laptop charger inside, and it reads automatically the power of your charger that sips from the socket.

This device is very simple to use. The default wattage of your loader adapter would primarily be shown.

In addition, this device can monitor the battery usage of your laptop and this device helps to calculate the overall power consumed by your laptop over time. On any e-commerce site like Amazon, you can buy this device.


No one can exactly tell how many watts does a laptop use? Because tons of factors you may not be aware of are involved in energy usage.

We have mentioned some of the things that can change power consumption including charging, screen lightning, running software, graphic card usage, etc.

Thus, a laptop would generally take over 60W power and, depending on the other components, it would use much more than was mentioned above.

We might not be able to get the exact electricity consumption figure, but at least you had the idea, which is quite like it.

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