Easy Methods: How to add contacts on Gmail on all Devices in 2022?

Nowadays email communication is the biggest source and Gmail is the most popular source of the email. Either you have professional communication, client communication, or any other form of communication you need to manage how to add contacts on Gmail to avoid any haphazardness.

Nowadays if you are receiving a massive amount of emails and you have communication with a lot of people then this article is for you.

If you used Gmail managing your contacts and adding them into your contact list gives you a lot of ease. Managing Gmail contacts might be a full-time job.

Gmail has now changed its settings which contain adding the new contacts into your Gmail account. Gmail provides you with ease to add contacts and categorize your contacts.

Let’s discuss the easy methods of adding contacts on gmail on different devices.

Adding Names to your Contact List Through Google Account

  • You must have an account on Gmail to add new contacts to it.
  • On any browser sign in to Gmail.com.
  • Enter your username and Password.
  • In the inbox section, there is a 3×3 grid box of Google application on top right corner alongside your picture icon.
  • You must have an account on Gmail to add new contacts to it.
  • On any browser sign in to Gmail.com.
  • Enter your username and Password.
  • In the inbox section, there is a 3×3 grid box of Google application on top right corner alongside your picture icon.
  • A list of many contacts will appear on the screen on the link contacts.google.com.
  • You can directly type the URL in the browser also.
  • To create a new contact simply click on create contact located on the top left corner.
  • This will pop up a box in which you will be asked to add Gmail contacts detail.
  • You can add any details you want or even if you do not want to save too many details it will be perfect to save. All depends upon your need.
  • Add the details and click on the Save button.
  • This will add you to the new contacts in the Gmail list.

Adding Names through the Email you Received

  • Open the email you received from the sender whom you want to add the contacts on Gmail.
  • Hover the cursor on the name.
  • A hovercard will pop up.
  • Click on “add to contacts” written in the hover box and the contact will be added to your Gmail.
  • On the top right corner next to the reply button, there is a three-dotted button.
  • Click on that button. 
  • Click on the add any contact name to the contact list you want to add on your Gmail contact list

Importing Multiple Accounts in Gmail Contact List

Have you switched your account to Gmail from another email account? Do not worry about losing the contacts. You need to import contacts from the CSV list. Here is a complete detail procedure explained in step by step.

  • If you want to add contact either if you have received an email or you want to add any other contacts on email.
  •  Open the Google contacts from the google application menu located near the picture icon in the inbox on the top left corner.
  •  Before importing the file export, the CSV file into your Gmail.
  • Click export and chose google CSV.
  • After the CSV file is downloaded delete all the rows except the header.
  • After saving your file return to import contacts.
  • In the google contacts on the left sidebar click on import contacts.
  • Hit on the import file button and find your CSV file.
  •  Click on the Import option.

Adding Multiple Contacts Manually

  • In the inbox, section clicks on the 3×3 grid google application located near the picture icon.
  • Go to create contact>create multiple contacts.
  • Enter the contacts you want to add.
  • Make sure you separate each contact by a comma.
  • After completing each step click on done.

Adding Gmail contacts on Mobile

  • You cannot add contacts on Gmail in Android via Application.
  • However, you can download Gmail contacts Application via your google play store.
  • As you will add contacts in your Gmail Application all the contacts will be mess up and duplicated. Delete the duplicate contacts.

How to Delete Contacts on Gmail

  • Select google contacts from the google application menu.
  • Open the specific email of the person or search the name from the search bar.
  • A three-dot menu will be on the side. Click on that menu.
  • Select the delete option to delete it.
  •  Select the “hide contact” option if you do not want to block and hide only.
  • By selecting the hide option, the user will be not shown in the list but will be shown to you in the search box in case you search the user.

Editing Contacts on Gmail

Just like adding new contacts on Gmail you can edit the already existing contacts on Gmail.  This can be done in following ways:

  • When you are composing an email chose the “To “link.
  • This will pop up the google contacts. Now you can select the desire contact you want to edit.
  • In case you have entered the email address you can hover your curser to the contact. This will open a separate box.
  • Click on edit contact and make necessary changes you want.
  • You can also edit the google account direct from the Google account via contacts.google.com. Click on the specific contact or search the contact in the search bar and edit the specific contact.

Managing Google Contacts on Apple Device

  • The first step is to import contacts via the V card.
  • On your browser visit icloud.com
  • After logging in go to contacts.
  • Select the contacts you want to sync.
  • After clicking on the gear icon chose to export to vCard.
  • Go to google account and import contacts there from choosing import contacts.
  • Select V card you exported from I-cloud.
  • In your iPod, iPhone and iPad go to the settings Application.
  • Click on Passwords and accounts. Chose Add account and then select Google.
  • Click on next after signing in and switch.

After you sync in:

  • Go to setting Applications.
  • Go to the contact account and select Google.
  • Tap on the Account Advanced after switching contacts.
  • Select done after switching “Use SSL”.
  • Using iCloud and iTunes, turn on contacts and switch to Gmail.
  • You can use third party application allow access to your contacts for syncing to google. This will automatically sync your contacts rather than above procedure.

How to back up google contacts

  • Select on settings.
  • Tap on backup and restore.
  • Tap on google and after a few times the contacts will be back up.

Advantages of Using the Google Contacts

  • Duplicate contacts will be automatically eliminated after merging.
  • You can make a group of contacts and if required email them all at once.
  • Most contacted will be added to your favourites.

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