How to Add Printer to Chromebook?

Adding a printer to your Chromebook is simple and only takes a few steps. Here’s a quick guide on how to do it. Chromebooks are web-based and run on Chrome OS, making them versatile and modern devices.

But sometimes, performing even basic tasks like setting up printers can be daunting for new users because of the unique interface Chromebooks offer. Here’s how to add printer to Chromebook in the following easy steps:

Setting Menu

To find your printer options on Chrome OS, open the Settings menu. To do this, press the Search button on your keyboard and type “settings” into the search bar that appears. Select Settings from the results.

  1. Press Advanced, located on the left menu bar.
  2. Click Printing under the Advanced options dropdown

Include the Printer in Your Profile

The printing profile is a handy tool that lets you store and manage your configured printer settings on Chromebooks.

This makes it easy to print documents, photos, or anything else you need without having to reconfigure your settings each time.

No doubt your Chromebook will present you with a list of all the printers it can find. All you have to do is select the printer you want and click the “Add” button to save it under your printer profile.

If you want to connect to your printer wirelessly, make sure that you’re on the same WiFi network as your printer. For a USB cable printer, just connect it to your Chromebook.

  1. In the Printing menu, Choose the Printers option.
  2. Then press the Add Printer button.

Get ready for printing

You’ve just added a printer to your Chromebook, so let’s print out a document! To do so, first, open the Docs app for word processing.

 You can do this by hitting the Search button on your keyboard and typing Docs in the search bar. Once the app opens, select a blank template.

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  1. Write any text in the document, for supposing, “Test print.”
  2. Click the Ctrl + P keyboard shortcut to open the printer options. Your configured printer is set for you by default.
  3. Go ahead and press the Print button.

This guide showed you how easy it is to add and set up a printer to Chromebook. However, it’s important to keep in mind that like most Google products, Chrome OS heavily tracks your user data.

If you’re concerned about your privacy and personal data, you may want to consider using Ubuntu Web instead – a web-based Chrome OS alternative that’s designed with privacy in mind.

Add a current wireless printer

If you have a reasonably recent printer that is internet-capable, you can add it directly to your Chromebook without needing any additional services.

So make sure the printer is on and connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your Chromebook. The steps for connecting a printer to Wi-Fi will vary depending on the model of the printer.

But there is usually a “Wi-Fi” or “internet” option somewhere on the printer’s display. This option should walk you through the process.

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  1. Press the clock in the lower-right corner of your Chromebook’s screen. Then press the gear-shaped icon to open its settings.
  2. Write print into the search box at the top of the settings panel, then choose Add printer from the drop-down menu.
  3. Select your printer’s name in the list that appears, and press the Setup button to finish the pairing.
  4. If an older printer model appears on the list but doesn’t automatically configure, try adding the manufacturer and model in the pop-up box.

How to Connect a printer physically to your Chromebook?

If you’re using an older printer that isn’t internet-capable or if you’re having trouble connecting it to the internet, you can connect your printer physically to your Chromebook using a USB cable.

  1. In order to connect your printer to your Chromebook, you will need to find an appropriate cable that can plug into both devices. (Depending on the type of printer and Chromebook you have, you might need an adapter in order to make the connection work.)
  2. If you see a pop-up asking you to configure the printer, click on it and select “Add Printer.” Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.
  3. To open your Chromebook’s settings, type “print” into the search box.
  4. Press Printing.
  5. Select your printer’s name, and click the blue Add button to finish.

That’s all you have to do! Now simply press Ctrl-P from any browser tab or locate the Print command in any app. In the Print box that appears, you may not see the name of your printer in the Destination field right away.

If not, click in the field, and if you still don’t see your printer, click on See more… Your printer should be there.) Then get ready to print to your heart’s content.

FAQs about How to Add Printer to Chromebook?

Why can’t the printer connect to Chromebook?

If your printer is having trouble connecting to your Wi-Fi network, sometimes the quickest and easiest fix is to turn the printer off and then back on again. If that doesn’t work, you can try resetting your wireless router.

How do I manually add a printer?

If you want to manually enable your printer, right-click on it and select Printer Properties. Then, under Advanced and Driver, make a note of your printer driver’s name.

Next, connect to your host computer and visit the printer driver’s manufacturer’s website. On the host computer, download the drivers associated with your printer.

How do I find a network printer?

Netstat is a tool that lets you see what devices are connected to your computer. To use it, open the command prompt by typing “cmd” into the search box on the Start Menu or taskbar.

Then type “netstat” to see a list of active connections. This may include your printer.


Nowadays, there are a lot of printer brands that produce different kinds of printers. Some of them are for home and some are for the office.

Just like other electronic products, a printer also needs to be installed. If you have recently purchased a new Chromebook and you are trying to figure out how to add printer to Chromebook, you have come to the right place.

We have compiled a list of ways that you can add a printer to a Chromebook, no matter if you have an old Chromebook or a new Chromebook. We hope this article has helped.

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