Helpful Guide: How to Adjust Printer Settings for Avery Labels?

Choosing the right printer is a very important factor when it comes to Avery labels. Given that there are so many printers in the market, you need to take your time to make sure that you select the best printer.

When you print labels on your printer, you may find that you have to manually adjust the settings to get the labels to come outright.

Avery label printing can be time-consuming and expensive if you have to print labels over and over. The tips below will show you how to adjust printer settings for Avery labels.

Steps to Adjust Printer Settings

Open Word

Log into Microsoft Word from your computer. Once you are logged in, go to References and select Mailings.

Then, go down to the list of options like Envelopes, Labels, Start Mail Merge, etc., and select Envelopes.

Choose Labels

Create labels by first clicking the Labels option in Step 1. Now, if you have the Avery 80 160 Wine Labels, then select that from the drop-down menu.

In Step 2, if you want your addresses to appear on each label, fill out the Address space as necessary.

However, if you have different addresses for each label and don’t want them all to be identical, then click the New Document option in this same Step 2 pop-up window.

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Locate Gridlines 

The new Document might appear missing content. One way to fix this is to go to Layout > View Gridlines and select Labels from Mailings like you would do with a traditional Word document!

You can change the font size, text alignment, background color, and so on – just like in any other normal Word file.

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Setting of Labels

You can use Avery Labels for Word to create a border around the outside of your address. First set up the label template.

Then, choose the text box or shape you want to use for your return address so that it appears as a block on the computer screen.

Right-click on your return address and select “Bring to Front” from the menu that appears. Finally, go back to the label template, highlighting “Position” (in the Design section).

Enter a number greater than zero into the “Top” field. The options are pretty straightforward, and they will guide you with arrows and with a preview of how your labels might turn out on Brother label printers!

Now, check Mailings for labeling and head to “Full Page of the Same Label” for a nice flat run of all the Avery printable labels you choose.

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Print it

Again, we’re back at the top of the page where all of our options are. This time, choose File and click the Print option that is listed there.

Change your settings to print out labels in color when you go to print them out. Once you’ve clicked on Print Settings, head over to More Settings and choose the paper size, quality, and scale you would like to use as well.

Click on “Fit to printable area” in order for important layout elements like text not to be cut off or chopped around during printing work.

Never select “Fit page” when it comes to printing address labels because it can prevent important international characters from showing up properly.

FAQs Related How to Adjust Printer Settings for Avery Labels?

How come my Avery labels are not printing correctly?

If your print preview looks blurry, uncheck the Fit to Page option in the Print dialog box.
Otherwise, the scale will be incorrect. After you click Print, on the Document Setup or Print dialog box, change your paper size.
In Windows 7 and Vista, look for a Printer Properties or Preferences setting named “Print using system dialog” where you’ll find Paper options.

What setting to use for printing labels?

When considering the size of paper to purchase, it’s best to use letter-size 8.5″ x 11″ paper. To ensure that your document prints nicely on the paper you decide to use, you should choose “letter-size (8.5″ x 11″, 216mm × 279 mm)” as your Paper Size setting because this setting determines approximately how large each page will be on a sheet of actual paper, and is an option in the Page Setup dialog box per printing device type in Microsoft Office 2007 for Windows.
Therefore, one should check the Paper Type setting, which is also referred to as Media Type in the configuration dialog box for printers configured in Apple OSX 10.6 or later versions of Mac OS X, and determine how thick or thin a piece of paper will be at its edges when printed.

Why are my Avery labels not centered?

All your sticky notes are misaligned in the same direction by the same amount.
You may have accidentally selected a margin that was too small. This might be the problem so try decreasing your margins to see if it makes a difference.
Remember, you can click on the “layout” tab at the top of a word then go to “margins” and choose from one of two options – “1 inch,” or “custom.” Select whichever you think would fit best for your label template.


There are many Avery labels in daily life, and they are very popular in different kinds of fields, especially in offices and homes.

However, some people have never used Avery labels before and one of the biggest challenges professional printers face is how to adjust printer settings for Avery labels with no problems.

If you have ever printed Avery Labels, you have probably experienced this first hand. Label printing is very specialized and the wrong adjustments can cause the labels to go unprinted, jam the printer, or print with spacing issues.

You can also print your own labels and design your labels depending on what you would like to include on the label.

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