How to Change Alarm Sound on iPhone?

The alarm sound on your iPhone is something that we all take for granted. We think nothing of it until it’s too late and the annoying ringing wakes us up in the morning, or worse yet when we’re trying to have a nice nap.

But there are just so many options available. Finding a new alarm sound can be really difficult sometimes because you want something new but not too different from what you had before.

And if someone has told you about an app with great alarms on their phone well then how do they know?

In this blog post, I will show you How to Change Alarm Sound on iPhone quickly and easily without having to go through the headache of searching for one that suits your needs.

How to Change your Alarm Sound on an iPhone?

You can edit an alarm sound by selecting a song from your music library or iTunes Radio, download songs with in-app purchases to add them for offline listening and use other effects like volume fade out at end of ringing to make certain alarms more unique than others.

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Let us discuss how to change your alarm sound on an iPhone.

  • Tap the Clock app on your iPhone.
  • Click on the alarm icon that appears at the bottom of your page.
  • Tap the Edit button at the top right of your screen to edit an alarm, then tap on a particular one to open up their settings. This will bring you to the screen of Edit Alarm.
  • You can change the sound that plays when you wake up by tapping on Sound.
  • You’ll never have trouble finding an ideal alarm tone again when scrolling through this comprehensive list where every type imaginable awaits. Just scroll up or down depending on how adventurous/bored you feel today and select one (or five) exciting options.
  • Choose from a selection of alarm sounds with the tap of your finger. Tap on “Classic” to see even more options for classic alarms and ringtones.
  • To turn off the alarm sound, use your finger to scroll all the way down. Once you reach “None,” press it. The annoying noise will finally stop ringing in your ears.
  • Tap Save to save your alarm settings.

How to add a Custom Alarm Sound on an iPhone?

Want to have a new alarm tone on your iPhone? Editing the sound is easy. All you need to do is download and pick from any of the tones available in iTunes.

You don’t want an old, boring alarm that wakes up all people within hearing range every morning; instead, use this simple editing process for something more personalized like Sencha or Crystals by downloading their respective tones through iTunes.

  • A few seconds after scrolling to the top of the Sound menu in Edit Sounds, you find yourself at a list that includes all sounds on your device.
  • Tap the Tone Store app to go straight into iTunes and find all of your favorite tunes
  • With the “Tones” option, you can use your iTunes account to buy ringtones from a wide range of musical options. Take your pick from a wide range of “tones” to customize the sound and feel that you get whenever someone calls. You can choose tones for yourself, or set them as alerts so people know when they are contacting their favorite character’s voice.
  • If you’re missing some of your favorite tones, download them with a few taps. Apple will check your account and goes through all the purchased files-if they are on iTunes or not downloaded to your phone yet–and downloads any that aren’t already there for free.

If you want the alarm on your phone to play one of your favorite songs from iTunes, then read this guide.

  • Navigate to the top of your Clock app’s Edit Sound menu and you’ll find a list, where all available sounds are neatly organized.
  • Under the title SONGS, you’ll find a list of songs from your library. Tapping on this will take you to iTunes where all your music is stored for easy access and quick listening.
  • Pick the alarm song for your day. Choose from a list of previously selected songs. Pick one with just two taps, and you’ll start your morning off on an awesome note.

Change or Customize Alarm Vibration on an iPhon

Changing Alarm Vibration

  • The Sound menu in the Clock app has a myriad of options, including Vibration. Tap it to see all your vibration patterns and feel like you’re living on planet Earth.
  • Choose one pattern and you will get a demonstration of the different vibrations.
  • In order to turn off vibrate, scroll down the Vibration screen and choose None.

Customizing Alarm Vibration

  • You can create your own vibration pattern for the alarm app on your phone. Tap Sound, then scrolls to Vibration and tap Create New Vibration under CUSTOM in order to do this.
  • A tap, hold and release the screen to create a vibration pattern. Tap on your phone’s touchscreen display at different lengths of time so that you can control how long it vibrates with each touch. This is represented in bars below the sequence chart which appears once you’ve finished creating your custom pattern.
  • You can record your own vibration with the touch of a button. If you’re not satisfied, press it again. Choose “Play” to hear back what you’ve recorded so far or choose “Record” if you want to do more experimentation.
  • When you tap “Save” a window pops up which allows you to create an exciting new pattern by naming it whatever fits best into this moment. Type in what makes sense and hit Save; now all those personalized vibes are stored neatly right beneath Custom, just waiting for whenever we want something.

FAQs Related to the Topic

How do I change my default alarm sound?

Tap the alarm icon on your phone’s home screen. Pick an existing sound or song to wake up to, or tap “+” at the bottom of this window and create a new one.

Why is the alarm on my iPhone so quiet?

To wake up like a boss, set your alarm tone to the highest pitch possible. You can adjust this frequency in Settings > Sounds & Haptics under Ringer and Alerts tab by dragging the slider toward high-pitched sounds.


As you can see, there are many different ways to change alarm sound on iPhone. You might be wondering which tone is best for your needs and that’s a great question! We recommend having options so you can try something new every now and then.

With the variety of tones available, it should be easy to find one that will work for all types of people–just remember not everyone likes their phone ringing in the morning.

All jokes aside though, this article has given you some excellent information about How to Change Alarm Sound on iPhone when needed so make sure to keep these tips in mind next time an update rolls around or if you have any other questions about changing the default ringtone, we would love nothing more than answering them with.

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