How to Charge Laptop Battery without a Laptop?

It is a challenging process to charge the laptop battery without a laptop. Why people are making use of this device? As the laptop battery is getting drained, so then the person needs to take the laptop to the charging point.

If the laptop is not at its charging point place, then he cannot make use of the laptop. If your laptop battery is not working or getting discharged too quickly, there are a few steps you can take to combat the problem.

In this article, we will find some of the best tips about How to charge laptop battery without a laptop.

Charge the Laptop with a USB Port

Although most modern computers and laptops come with USB ports, these ports are usually utilized to transfer data between computers.

We use them to sync files or move information from one computer to the next to avoid having to burn it onto a disk.

If the data doesn’t need to be moved but requires charging, then we can make use of USB cables to connect your smartphones, power banks, and even other hardware items that need recharging.

However, if your computer has a Type-B or Type-C port, you can also utilize this as means of inputting power into your device instead of using an outlet for example.

Just remember not all computers have these kinds of ports so there’s no need to worry about how best to utilize them yet because the technology is relatively new.

Using an External Battery Charger

If your laptop has a removable battery, you have it easy. All you need to do is plug the adapter into an electrical outlet and then slot it in your battery.

Another alternative is a USB recharging block, which allows you to plug your rechargeable laptop batteries into your computer to charge them.

Most laptops have built-in batteries that are rechargeable, but you can also get additional rechargeable batteries and use them to extend your laptop’s use between charges.

If you want just a few extra hours between charges, a standard replaceable AA battery can give you what you need, but they require manual intervention. You have to take the old batteries out and put the new ones in.

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Buying a Universal Adapter

If your computer is not charging and you believe the problem exists in the charger itself, you may simply try using a universal adapter with the correct pins designed to be compatible with your device.

With multiple pin options included, these adaptors allow for charging of devices using different plug input ranges as well. 

A universal adapter will usually work on all sorts of devices, so there’s no need to buy a new one. Just try the other adapters that may be equivalent to the device you have, and try charging your laptop with it.

Use a Similar Laptop

Is your laptop’s battery not charging properly? Well, you aren’t alone. Laptop batteries always need to be charged after some time and many people think their laptop models are unique; however, in reality, this is wrong because most laptops are interchangeable with each other as long as it has the same voltage and amperage of power.

Thus, we hope that you can connect with someone who has a similar laptop model just like yours because it will probably be the safest way to charge your laptop’s battery.

You may want to check with family and friends or if they don’t know anyone having the same month makes exactly laptop system then present them this article so they can research further for the same.

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It’s probably a permanent solution to your problem but if you feel uncomfortable at any point contact us right away.

FAQs Related How To Charge Laptop Battery without a Laptop?

Can you charge a laptop battery through USB?

If your laptop offers a USB-C port, you’ll probably be able to charge it using a USB-C cable – provided that the cable has an adapter (the boxy plug at the end of your phone charger, meant for outlets).
Some laptops even rely on a USB-C cable as their main power source. So, if your laptop has a USB-C port, you’ll need to use a USB-C cable for charging.
Some manufacturers sell an additional charge for their laptops, but a standard phone charger will work just fine (you’ll need the adapter plug that goes from micro-USB to USB-C).

Is there another way to charge a laptop?

First, you’ll need a USB Type-C to USB Type-C cable. Next, connect your phone to your laptop, and go into the settings menu on your phone.
You will have to check the description since it differs depending on what OS you are using . . . Once that is done, your smartphone battery should rapidly deplete but don’t worry!
The good thing about this rapid consumption is that your laptop battery will quickly come back to life after just one cycle – although we recommend letting the laptop sit for at least 30 minutes so as not to risk damaging your precious technology!
For your smartphone to continue charging, you have to have a Type C to Type C cable. Once you have them, initiate the link and open up some of your smartphone’s USB settings.
This will be different depending on if you’re using an Android device or an Apple. When this is done, your smart device battery status may run out in a short time, and provide your laptop with enough energy until it can find a power source.

Can I charge a laptop battery?

There are several ways to recharge your laptop without having to remove the battery and connect it to a different power source, such as a desktop or external device.
While taking the easy route might be tempting, it might not give you quite the same results. Especially if your laptop is using a lithium-ion battery, it makes no difference whether or not your laptop is switched on while you’re charging its battery – so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t!
If your laptop is using a lithium-ion battery too then that is what you need to do. The only downside will be that you will have to spend at least an hour up to two hours connected to a wall socket for the charging process to be completed.
But other than that – all signs point towards this is the best way to charge your battery if it’s possible for you! As we mentioned before, wherever possible we highly recommend leaving your laptop plugged in to the wall socket whenever possible!


The laptop battery is one of the most important parts of your laptop. This battery provides power to the laptop whenever it is plugged into the outlet.

Since the battery is the power source for the laptop, it is important to know how to charge laptop battery without a laptop. While you might think that it is easy to charge a laptop battery, it is not always that simple.

The fact that you can charge a battery without a laptop means that you do not necessarily have to have a laptop to charge a battery. However, you do need to have a few items to charge a laptop battery.

We hope you enjoyed our blog. This article may have helped you determine if you will need a new laptop battery or if you can simply charge your laptop with an external battery.

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