How to Clean Fingerprints off Laptop Screen? (In 2022)

You need to make sure that you know how to clean fingerprints off laptop screen. You do not want to have smudges and smears all over your screen because that can cause your screen to get damaged.

The great thing is that you should use certain cleaning materials to get rid of these smudges, smears, and fingerprints from your laptop screen.

This will help to keep your screen in great condition so that you will be able to see everything that is on your screen from the moment that you use your laptop.

Keeping your laptop screen clean is vital if you want it to last. Fingerprints look unsightly and can get into the works of your laptop and damage it. Here is a guide on cleaning fingerprints off laptop screens.

Steps of Cleaning the Fingerprints

Turn on the laptop

It is always better to let your laptop cool down first before attempting to clean it. Many people ended up with permanent damage to their monitors when they didn’t give their laptops enough time to cool down for a sufficiently long duration.

First, you have to turn off the laptop and let it cool down. In addition, when cleaning or wiping anything off your laptop’s screen, try using a screen cloth instead of a paper towel because the chemicals from the paper will eat away at your screen and make it harder for you to see properly once you boot up again.

Use microfiber cloth

Microfiber cloth is ideal for cleaning a computer screen. In fact, this type of cloth does not produce lint and is very soft.

It’s preferred by IT techs when it comes to cleaning or wiping fingerprints from monitors because it won’t scratch them up as other materials or methods will.

Plus, using microfiber cloth leaves less of an imprint on the monitor than say paper products which tend to leave residue behind making the screen look hazy instead of crisp, clear, and new once again.

Clean the screen

Wiping a laptop screen gently with one pass of the cloth should eliminate any loose dust and particles on the screen surface. The motion of the cloth has to be one that completes circles around the whole face of the monitor, to attack those tougher spots.

It will give you a bit more surface area on your cloth, allowing for better contact with the computer. In order to avoid accidental damage, do not apply pressure when wiping these things because doing so would mean potentially scratching or pressing down on pixels that are already burnt out.

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Wipe the frame

Don’t let your frame get dirty. You can clean the area around your computer with a regular household cleaning solution and a paper towel. Be sure to quickly wipe away the frame so that nothing on the towel will touch it.

Use distilled water to clean the screen

Cleaning fingerprints, smudges, and dirt off of your computer screen are easy with plain distilled water but the difficult part is finding out what to do when it won’t power on! First, you must take out your battery.

After that, gather up a spray bottle filled halfway full with distilled and a clean cotton cloth. Gently wipe down both sides and the LCD panel of your notebook without getting it or anything else wet or damp.

To get rid of scratches or watermarks, gently scrub beneath them using nothing more than the delicate cotton fabric and warm distilled water, avoiding at all costs using something like a scouring pad which will inevitably damage sensitive electronics.

Wipe the screen with a cleaning screen

Since you would want to prevent getting water on your keyboard and screen when using a liquid, make sure the computer is turned off and unplugged from its power source. One of the best ways to clean your laptop screen effectively is to use distilled water.

Distilled water is free from inorganic chemicals and safer for the touch screen compared to cleaning liquids. Do not ever use alcoholic or ammonia solutions on touchscreens in order to avoid damage.

If your screen gets really dirty, consider rinsing it with a 50/50 solution of distilled water and white vinegar diluted in water. Screens are so sensitive.

It’s easy to damage them if you use regular clothes or an excess amount of water by accident. To protect your screen well, it’s better to use a soft and special cloth for cleaning it.

You can try something which is a universal cleaner for all types of screens like the ones used in smartphones and tablets. Never spray the bottle too close to your screen, remember to put the tip of the atomizer downwards.

Make sure there is no water on each area when cleaning it because adding water could cause permanent damage.

The trick is that you have to sprinkle a little bit of water onto the corner of the microfiber cloth first before cleaning then wipe gently.

Tips while cleaning laptop screen

Before using any cleaning materials, especially liquids, make sure there is no water in the room where you plan to use them.

If there is moisture visibly on the machine, try wiping it away with a dry towel before continuing to clean or try again another time when conditions are more favorable.

Remember that it is important to consider these key parts of your device carefully when going through the disassembling process because if you happen to damage them you might place yourself in a position where you’ll have to seriously consider seeking a highly-trained professional for help.

FAQs Related How to Clean Fingerprints off Laptop Screen?

Can we use a microfiber cloth on the screen?

With our microfiber circular cleaning cloth, you can be certain that you aren’t wiping dirt across your equipment. Our cleaning cloths are extra soft and gentle, yet still strong enough to do the job right.
No one wants to use their dirty rags on delicate electronics again. You’ll have total peace of mind with Microfiber Cloth, so you no longer have to worry about what combination of harsh chemicals is seeping from all those other cleaners onto your equipment.

What tips you should follow while cleaning the screen?

You need to make sure that no hard objects or chemicals come into contact with your expensive television.  Thus, the best method is to use a soft cloth and nothing too abrasive such as paper towels.
You can use certain materials to clean your TV screen, it’s advisable that you always consult the user manual in order not to hurt your television set with any chemicals as they might eventually leave a mess behind on your screen.


Whether you are using a laptop or a desktop computer, you want to keep your screen looking its best.

As you spend a lot of time looking at the computer screen, so we want it to look nice and shiny! Laptops are especially hard to clean because of where the screen is located.

Fingerprints show up more easily on a laptop and are harder to get rid of. Cleaning your laptop screen is also very important as dirt and fingerprints on your screen can affect your laptop’s performance.

On top of this, they can also make your screen look ugly. This blog had looked at the different methods you can use to clean your laptop screen. I hope after reading this article you will understand how to clean fingerprints off laptop screens.  

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