How to Combine Videos on iPhone?

Want to know how to combine videos on iPhone? Here’s a blog post that will show you how. What are some situations where it would be useful to have one video clip rather than two separate ones?

You could use this technique if, for example, you want a movie trailer and then the full version of the same film. Or if you want to show someone what they missed when they were away from their desk.

This is an easy way to create your own video montage of favorite memories or make a compilation of family vacation videos for the grandparents. The more creative possibilities are up to your imagination.

This article is going to walk you through the process of combining videos on an iPhone. So let us discuss how to combine videos on your iPhone.

Different Apps to Combine Videos

With iPhone, you can now edit your videos on Camera Roll without relying on any third-party video editor or apps. This is a great feature for those who just want to quickly trim their footage and don’t have time to download other editing software onto their device.

If only there was some way of joining multiple clips into one well. Video shop has got this covered too with its exceptional iOS app that allows users to do exactly that in seconds (and also convert photos into videos).

There are so many different apps available on the play store to combine the videos for iPhone. We will discuss some of them.


Video editing app that allows for professional-looking videos to be created with a touch of an icon. You have plenty of options, including adding background music and video themes, all within the sleek interface which is easy on your eyes. With multi-touch gestures, you can process files in good quality without any hassle at all.

Step by Step Guide to Combining Video by using iMovie

  • You can make your own videos with the iMovie app. First, you need to install it on your iPhone.
  • Once installed, launch it from the springboard and then tap Projects when prompted for a project type, this will take you to an empty screen where new projects are created.
  • Tap Create Project after that so we can start creating our movies together today.
  • Your video project will take shape. You’ll be asked what type of media you want to use and then select the option that says Movie because it falls under this category, as well as your Camera Roll for videos.
  • Now select different videos.
  • After recording, choose from a variety of effects and transitions to make your video clip stand out. Tap on Done at the top-left corner when you’re done editing.

Video Mixer

Merge multiple videos and soundtracks with ease using this app! Use overlay shapes, filters, and background music to create the perfect work of art. Save your ongoing project for later use or share it as a simple click away on social media platforms like Instagram Stories.

Step by Step Guide to Combining Video by using a Video Mixer

  • Launch the App Store on your iPhone, search for Video Mixer, and download and install the app.
  • Launch it when you’ve installed it to a new project that will let you create videos from scratch.
  • You have three options for screen orientation, depending on what you prefer. The first option is free and the other two will include ads from time to time. Choose whichever one suits your needs best.
  • To add a video, tap on the + (plus) sign. Type in your first name and then select any one of the videos that are listed by tapping it once. Tap the next button when you’re done with adding the video to proceed.
  • After you’ve finished adding both videos, tap the button and it will automatically merge them for you.


Wondershare has developed a free app for iPhone that is great at editing videos. It can combine multiple video clips in different formats without losing quality and you have the option to trim, split it up, adjust its speed, and more.

The intuitive interface makes this program quick and easy for users with all of these features packed into one lightweight application.

Step by Step Guide to Combining Video by using a Filmorago

  • You can make a video on your phone by going into the app.
  • Tap on Create New Video and importing videos from Camera Roll onto its footage. You can preview the videos in a video playback window before you convert them to see if they are clips of interest.
  • If you’re looking for a way to add more footage to your video, tap the ‘+’ Add icon. You can rearrange how each clip appears by holding down and dragging it up or back into its new position.
  • In order to save your videos and combine them, tap on the SAVE button at the top right section.
  • The video will be saved in your phone app first. You can choose to export it and share the video with friends on any platform you want, or publish the video for all of the social media sites out there.


One of the best tools for editing videos is Videoshop, which you can use to combine two videos together on your iPhone. Besides that, it also lets you trim or cut out parts from the video and change colors as well as adding music. You should follow these steps if you want to merge 2 movies.

  • First install this free-to-download program from your App Store onto any iPhone or iPad running at least OS 10 – then open it up whenever you need some quick editing. Now hit the “Plus” sign within the software as if we were adding photos into a scrapbook album.
  • There are a lot of options to play with! You can add sound, change the color balance, trim clips and do all sorts of other things. When you’re done editing your video just click “Next” where it will present you with the author and much other information.
  • Create a professional video that will be as accessible to your friends and family on Facebook, Vine, YouTube, or Vimeo. Alternatively, you can share it with them through WhatsApp or Email. You’ll also have the option of adding it directly to Dropbox for easy access in all formats such as large files often need.


If you’re just looking for a quick and easy way to combine videos on your iPhone, we recommend the iMovie app. It’s organized in an intuitive interface that will help make video editing feel more accessible.

You can also use other free apps like Filmora if you want something simple and straightforward with fewer features but still enough power to get the job done. We hope this post has given you some new ideas about how to combine videos on iPhone.

We hope you enjoyed this blog post about different ways to combine videos on iPhone. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for reading our blog.

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