How to Connect an HP Printer to Wi-Fi?

Do you find yourself wondering how to connect an HP printer to Wi-Fi? If yes, then you’ve come to the perfect platform.

While we may have been led to believe that the majority of office-based work would be done digitally by now, it turns out that life still demands we use printed materials some of the time.

So no doubt newer technologies have made HP printers more reliable and convenient than ever before so that you can now print whatever you need, whenever and wherever you are.

With the added ability to print documents directly from your mobile devices, it has never been easier to keep up with your printing needs.

If you’re unsure of how to connect your HP printer to Wi-Fi, have no fear! We will walk you through the process here so that you can begin printing stress-free.

You should Plug in the Power Cables of the Printer

Unpacking your new printer should be an exciting moment! But before you can start printing off pictures of your favorite memories, you need to remove the entire packaging first – be careful of any tape that might be holding things in place.

Once everything is out, plug in the power cables and follow the setup instructions. Maybe this will include inserting the ink cartridges and may also include printing an alignment page and so on. With a few simple steps, you’ll be on your way to printing high-quality photos in no time!

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Is your HP+ Printer Enabled

HP outlines all the various ways to set up wireless printing on its website, but we spoke to its experts and they said that the best and easiest option is via the app.

Just choose your HP printer that’s HP+ enabled. So no doubt today’s latest printers are equipped to connect wirelessly to your phone, laptop, or PC via the HP Smart app. Just you need is a fast internet connection.

Download the App

You can download HP Smart from the HP website or your preferred mobile app store. No doubt  It’s available for what you want like PC, Mac, Android and iOS devices, and so on.

For your iPhones and iPads, you can go to the iOS app store and search ‘HP Smart’. For Google smartphones and tablets, you can go to the Play Store and search ‘HP Smart’.

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Check your Wi-Fi Router’s Password

To connect your printer to your home Wi-Fi network, your device first needs to be on that same network. You will also need to know your router’s Wi-Fi password.

The default password can usually be found on a sticker on the router box, which is typically located on the back of the box. This sticker should have both the wireless network name (SSID) and password (WEP, WPA, or WPA2).

If you have previously changed your Wi-Fi password but can’t remember it, don’t worry – you can always reset it. To do so, simply look for a small ‘reset’ button on the router.

Type your Router Password

If you’re having trouble connecting your HP printer to your home Wi-Fi network, try using the HP Smart app. Select your home Wi-Fi network and type in the password.

If your home’s Wi-Fi is unreliable, you can try using a Wi-Fi extender to improve the connection.

Examine your Printer

It’s now easier than ever to print directly from your HP Smart app. And since the printer is on your home WiFi network, other devices connected to the network will be able to see it too.

This means that your children can find it and print it from their devices without needing your help.

FAQS about How to Connect an HP Printer to Wi-Fi?

Why is my HP printer not connecting to my Wi-Fi?

To set up your printer, make sure it is near the Wi-Fi router and that it has paper loaded in the main tray. Then, turn it on.

On your Windows computer, open the Printers & Scanners tool and delete the printer. Next, open the HP Smart app and sign in.

If you don’t have HP Smart, you can download it from or your app store. Once you have it, create an HP account.

Why is my printer not responding to my laptop?

To start, check that all printer cables are plugged in correctly and that the printer is turned on.

If everything appears to be in working order, go to your computer’s “control panel” from the “start” menu. Choose “printers” and confirm that your printer is set as the default.

Should you leave your HP printer on all the time?

It’s important to keep your printer on all the time to keep the print heads clean and less likely to break. However, it’s just as important to regularly clean and maintains your printer to ensure it continues printing high-quality documents for a long time.

How long will an HP printer last?

Your printer will eventually need an upgrade after 3-5 years of use. However, with proper upkeep and maintenance, some printers can last a bit longer. Eventually, though, your machine will need to be replaced.

Is it worth fixing an HP printer?

If you have an excess of ink or toner cartridges, it may be beneficial to repair your HP printer. Even if the repair cost surpasses your printer’s value, you’ll offset that expense by not having to buy more ink or toner cartridges.


Nowadays, people tend to have many different devices that they use throughout the day. It is important to be able to connect all of these devices so you can use them for different purposes.

This is especially true when it comes to printers, as it is usually convenient to be able to print from different devices.

If you are looking to connect your HP printer to your WiFi, there are a few different steps you can take to do so.

We hope the steps we have outlined below on how to connect an hp printer to wi-fi will help you get your printer connected to WiFi so you can start printing whenever you want.

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