How to connect Smartwatch to iPhone?

Do you also want to know how to connect Smartwatch to iPhone? If so read the blog post for the entire process.

One of the primary justifications is that Apple has developed so well in the tech world. Apple products rule the technological world. There is a point where Apple products only synchronize with their products.

Previously, smartwatches could not connect with an iPhone. But now, everything can be possible.

Compatibility with iPhone Google has proven to create smartwatches with more features that can connect with iPhones.

There are several advantages of pairing a smartwatch with an iPhone. Easy to go and get reported without pull out the phone from your pocket.

People do not know how to connect it and use it properly, so read this article to understand how to pair your smartwatch with your iPhone. At the end of this article, you might be understood

Let us discover how to connect the smartwatch to the iPhone in some steps to understand this better,

Connect the Smartwatch to iPhone

Connect the smartwatch to iPhone

Connecting a smartwatch to the iPhone is easy enough, so if your smartwatch is worn OS: then you need to install an Android OS app from iOS App Store that will help you to connect your smartwatch to your iPhone,

Here are a few steps: that provide you better guidance.

Steps of Connecting a Smartwatch to iPhone

Steps of connecting a smartwatch to iPhone
Steps of connecting a smartwatch to iPhone

Wear OS Google App

After downloading the app on your iPhone, you can see the results of the nearby devices by turning on the Bluetooth of a smartwatch and iPhone. The app is available on iPhone that is free.

The app must be open in the background then the data keep running on your smartwatch. If you are fond of closing the apps, then left the app to keep running in the background. Otherwise, the smartwatch does not work as expected

Make sure your watch and phone are compatible, wear OS by Google works on an Android 6.0+ or later editions and iOS 13.0+ supported features. Wear OS by Google for iPhone is available for iPhone 5+ or later.


Charge Your Watch and iPhone

Before you start to connect, make sure your smartwatch and your phone completely charge. Insufficient battery charge will impact the connecting procedure.

Scroll Down to Identify

Select language and scroll to see the identity of your smartwatch. Tap on your watch name. In the case of connecting the first-time smartwatch to your iPhone, you need a pairing code that pops up with a new wearable on your phone screen and smartwatch screen.

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Tap on Pairing Code

Tap on the pairing code that appears on your phone screen as well as your watch. If the code is the same, then tap on “Pair” and wait for the approval. Maybe it takes few seconds to connect, so be patient.


When the smartwatch is connecting to the iPhone,

  1. Sign in to your Google account
  2. Allow your notification, calls, and calendar from your iPhone.

If the code is different, then restart your watch and do the same procedure mentioned above.

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What you can do when you pair a smartwatch with iPhone?

What you can do when you pair a smartwatch with iPhone
What you can do when you pair a smartwatch with iPhone

When your smartwatch is connecting with an iPhone, You can get your all-mobile notifications on your watch, just like an Apple watch.

All alerts, emails, and messages on your smartwatch. You can check on a smartwatch without taking out your phone from your pocket—you can swipe up on a smartwatch and get detail on a separate screen.

Wherever you are in gathering or in public meetings, you get updated from your smartwatch. Even when you are on a walk, it tracks your pedometer.

Top best Smartwatches for iPhone

Different smartwatches give different functions. Most smartwatches offer fitness services like health trackers apps and some monitors sleeping. These are some watches which is best for iPhone.

  1. Samsung Galaxy Watch 3
  2. Apple Watch 6
  3. Tic Watch E2
  4. Amazfit Bip
  5. Fitbit Versa 2
  6. Samsung Galaxy Watch active 2Fossil
  7. Huawei
  8. Tag Hauer
  9. Movado

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When you pair a Smartwatch Non-Apple Wearable with your iPhone

When you are deciding to pair an Android-wear smartwatch with your iPhone rather than an apple watch, you will miss out few features, You cannot speak to write messages in response.

Android-wear watches have not two-way communication but, you can still take and reject the call on your wrist.

Some android pair devices lack speakers that do not help us to allow to do two-way communication. Even with android wear devices with speakers, it is impossible to take calls.

Generally, smartwatches that operate by Google OS work equitably with an iPhone, Although you miss some features because they work better with android phones, as apple watches work better with iPhones.

However, it does not mean you cannot connect your smartwatch with your iPhone. You can pair it and get alerts on your wrist. Google OS Wear-based smartwatches look more stylish. It is all up to your priorities.

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Buy LTE Android Wear

Buy android wear that has its LTE connection. With these watches, you can attend calls. Do setting, from your phone then, calls forwarded to your smartwatch.

But after you cannot receive calls on a phone while you turn off the call forwarding from the phone.

In this way, you can get calls and get updated all the time. It is all about the arrangement or settings that enabled from your phone.

Connected to the Internet over Wi-Fi

Connected to the internet over Wi-Fi
Connected to the internet over Wi-Fi

Your phone is connected with WIFI to stay connected to a smartwatch. When your phone and watch not connected to the internet. Then you can use some features like,

  • Tell the time and date
  • The alarm rings on time
  • Use stopwatch
  • Display your step counter
  • Display your heart rate if the watch has this feature.
  • Customize your watch face

Not all smartwatches can connect to wifi, except some of them.

Pair your Apple Watch to iPhone

To use your Apple Watch with iOS 3 or later, you have to pair your Apple Watch with iphone6 or later.

Follow these steps below to pair your apple watch with iPhone, which helps you to know How to connect a smartwatch to iPhone?

  • Turn on the Apple watch and press the side button of the Apple watch until it on by showing its logo
  • Bring your iPhone near to the Apple watch for connecting with the Apple watch easily.
  • Open the app Apple watch on iPhone and pair a new watch
  • Apple watch rises in the viewfinder of the Apple Watch app.
  • Follow the instruction on iPhone till finish setup.

After following all steps, you will be able to pair apple-watch with your iPhone.


After these steps, you can understand How to connect a smartwatch to iPhone in a better way.

Multiple benefits come from pairing a smartwatch to your phone like, get notifications, messages, and calls on time, as well as other things that make your life easy in daily activities without taking your phone out of pocket.

Nowadays, having a smartwatch count in stylish people attracted and wants to know more about these gadgets. How they work and how they beneficial for us.

In this era, technological graphics rises because of inventions that make life easier and comfortable for us.

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