How to Connect Speakers to a Projector?

Connecting a speaker to a projector can seem like a daunting task. If you’ve never done it before, it might seem like the speaker doesn’t fit or that you need an extra cord.

The truth is, it’s not as hard as you think, and with the right tools and a few tips, you’ll be able to connect your speaker to your projector in no time. No doubt a projector is useful for your presentation.

It projects the information onto the screen. A projector can be used for work or business presentations, training, or even at home.

Either way, you need to connect the projector to the computer or laptop to project the image. This blog will focus on how to connect speakers to a projector.

Steps of Connecting Speakers to a Projector

Every projector comes with its own unique set of inputs and outputs, and you can connect it to speakers either directly or indirectly, depending on the equipment you’re using.

Some basic projector setups involve just using the built-in speaker or connecting speakers directly to it.

Alternatively, more complicated home theatrical stereo layouts will normally involve an A/V receiver that handles the video end, pushes through any audio signal it receives via specialized sound input jacks which are in turn outfitted in your front surround speakers by extension.

These are the most common ways of connecting a projector to speakers:

Standalone stereo speakers

Stereo speakers are a great option for those who simply want to listen to music or watch videos; however, this option typically uses powered speakers which are plugged into the wall.

It’s great for small spaces but some may find them less convenient than what some other speaker options have to offer.


This is a similar option, as a soundbar is essentially just a set of powered speakers built into a single unit.

However, it’s often made to match your TV or monitor by using the same base, which helps cover up any possible visual holes that are left in between. This way you can enjoy seamless streaming experiences with no interruptions.

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RCA connectors

If your projector supports RCA connections, you can connect to any stereo system you choose. One connection for each speaker will be needed, and some projectors also support connection to a home theater system as well.

For the video source side of things, most projectors use a composite video input or a red/green/blue connection for component video.


If you’re looking for a great way to connect all of your devices wirelessly, Bluetooth is undoubtedly the go-to option. There are no additional products or pieces of equipment to purchase at this point – the sound will play through your speaker completely unaided.

This works seamlessly on some projectors, whereas other models require some extra tinkering. The trouble is that audio over Bluetooth has typically inferior quality than its corded counterparts.

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If your projector is outfitted with optical or TOSLINK ports, you can hook them up with your soundbar via the digital audio connection.

This will provide surround sound quality in addition to bringing better-quality audio than when pairing RCA or TRRS jacks together.

Stereo audio jack

This is the same type of audio jack that people have been using for decades. It is can be found on most phones today and is often used for headphones, earbuds, etc.

One 3.5mm TRRS cable can send through a stereo signal to larger speakers like those found on home theater systems or even soundbars which are commonly used with televisions nowadays!

A/V receiver

The receiver is the part that brings your content to life. It connects to your device, such as a DVD or Blu-ray player and plays what you’re watching throughout the house.

Your amplifier may be involved depending on the specific make and model of your receiver, but we also invite you to read up on other related products you might want to get acquainted with everything.

Connect Through Home Theater Sound System

Selecting a sound system can be a little confusing. You have many variables to consider, including the number of speakers, their size and power ratings, amplifier specs, speaker wire distances involved, and your budget.

In addition to all these things, you should also check whether the speakers are indoors or outdoors because the climate conditions may affect how they sound.

Obviously, this is unpredictable so you may have to try different sounds from past experiences for better outputs later on if you aren’t satisfied with the current ones.

Remember that a quality system will always be worth your money regardless of where it was purchased. Stay tuned as we continue to discuss this topic in greater detail going forward!

FAQs Related to the Topic

Can you hook up speakers to a projector?

If you want to have an audio presentation at work, you can connect external speakers to your computer so that everyone can hear it better.
Most computers have a headphone output to help you set up the speakers. If not, you can use smaller apparatuses that are plugged into the microphone jack or directly into the printer port of the PC.
Using external speakers is especially good for presentations with audio input devices to enhance the sound quality.

Do projectors have audio out?

When it comes to projectors, a common misconception is that you’ll need an external audio solution. However, not only do modern projectors have insanely good onboard speakers, they feature advanced audio that prevents the need for a standalone hi-fi system.

How do I connect my Bose speaker to my projector?

When setting up your home theater, you’ll need two HDMI cables: one to lend the combined image and sound from whatever source you’re using – like your media player – to your projector; and another to take the sound from there back to your soundbar.
If you have a sufficiently recent device, though, and you happen to own a Samsung Smart TV or Blu-ray Player, all you’ll need is an HDMI ARC cable.
Now just link the media player up with the projector and then the Boise Soundbar, presto! You’re all set.

Do projectors have Bluetooth?

This mini projector supports wirelessly streaming videos, pictures, and games from your iOS and Android devices to the screen.
Alternately, you can use Bluetooth speakers or soundbars instead to get louder, better immersive sound with excellent bass.
If you want to share anything onto the screen without opening the DLP Link app first, just mirror your iPhone and Android device screens and take full advantage of its powerful HD 720p display.


Choosing the right speakers for your projector can make all the difference when you are trying to set up your home theater. The best thing about a projector is that you can easily connect a variety of different devices to it.

While a projector is a great tool to have for any business, it does have a few drawbacks. One of the biggest drawbacks is that it can be challenging to connect a speaker to a projector.

So, How to connect speakers to a projector? No doubt there are so many different speakers on the market; it can be difficult to find the best one for you. We hope this blog post has given you the information you need to find the right speakers for your projector.

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