Helpful Tricks: How to Cool Down the Laptop While Gaming?

Gaming is an important part of your everyday life and nowadays it is very easy to play games. This is because having a laptop helps you to enjoy the comfort of playing any game anywhere you want to.

However, what if you get stuck with a laptop that can’t even handle your game properly? Sure, you can play any game on high graphics, but it isn’t what you need at all.

You need a laptop that will run your game without overheating or you must know the ways to cool down your laptop.

If you are a hardcore gamer, then you definitely must be wondering how to cool down your laptop while gaming. So, let us discuss how to cool down the laptop while gaming.

Different Ways to Cool Down the Laptop

Choose the Best Place to put the Laptop

Laptops as well as other computing devices are finicky in nature. Because of this, one should always take care when placing them on various surfaces, especially if that surface happens to be soft i.e. Padding or fabric materials such as blankets, pillows, or even your legs for example.

Rather than reduce the amount of protection you get from natural and other surrounding elements, soft surfaces tend to do the exact opposite and do so by blocking cooling vents!

On hard and sturdy surfaces (i.e, tables), laptops will have no problem functioning properly because they provide enough distance between the device and these cooling points so that air can flow through at a steady pace even when users crank up the settings on their machines to high-performance levels; hence why results may vary depending on placement. Try running Windows Temperature tests before you start to worry about what others say.

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Use Cooling Pads

If you want to keep your laptop cool, a cooling pad is the way to go. They are quite cost-effective and they can be used while gaming on your laptop. Usually, you place your laptop on a cooling pad and connect it via USB.

Most laptops suck in cold air from under them and expel warm air out the sides but some laptops do things differently: they blow out warm air from under them.

If that’s how your gaming computer blows its hot air, this situation won’t work well for either one because both will be blocking the flow of cool air from reaching their respective devices. You should first check how your device works with airflow so as not to spoil the experience when gaming with your friends.

Check Laptop Fans

If you’re having a problem with overheating on your computer, you should check the temperature levels. Modern gaming systems will typically have several fans installed, which function to direct cool or hot air throughout the system.

If one of these fans fails, this can cause your entire system to overheat and not work optimally. You can use our handy tools above to determine whether your fans are still working at their optimum levels for optimal cooling performance.

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Check laptop fans

Avoid Running Multiple Programs at Once

If you’re experiencing problems with your computer heating up, the problem could be related to background programs running and using a lot of system resources.

For example, if you play a game on Steam for a long time, it will likely continue running in the background and hogging more resources even when you exit the game.

To prevent this from happening, most games give you an option upon closing out where you can change their settings so that they won’t continue to run in the background – this is definitely something you should always enable.

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Upgrade Hardware

Installing an SSD in your gaming laptop may help lower the temperature. As a general rule, the faster your laptop is, the higher its temperature will be.

With laptops in particular, though, upgrading the hardware is a very complex process because of their dependency on batteries, which makes it difficult to do things like upgrade old hardware that isn’t capable of running as well anymore or might even have been prone to causing overheating issues if it wasn’t for you replacing it with new components.

If this is something you’re interested in, however, we recommend contacting a local graphics card shop that carries quality cards from brands like MSI and Asus.

More RAM means less hard disk load and less CPU load as well as more room available for other programs as files won’t need to be moved back and forth between the hard drive or solid-state drive (SSD) too often. If you install an SSD instead of a mechanical hard drive (HDD), your laptop will generally stay cooler.

Clean Laptop Fan

If your fans are working well, now is the time to clean out your device! Machines can become caked with dust and grime over time, which hinders the computer’s cooling capabilities.

In this case, you might have noticed that your CPU or GPU is running hotter than it should be – on top of a complete loss in performance as a result.

While some older laptops had removable filters to keep out any dust and grime build-up, many computers today don’t offer this option.

In these cases, it’s vital to do everything you can to make sure no dust ever gets inside your laptop! You can use compressed air or a cotton swab to make sure the vents around your laptop body and in your fan never become clogged with any filth whatsoever.

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Clean laptop fan

FAQs Related to How to Cool Down the Laptop While Gaming?

Is it normal for a laptop to get hot while gaming?

Gaming hardware tends to run hot. Since gaming laptops have less space for cooling than desktops, they get warm fairly quickly. With high temperatures, the CPU reduces its frequency to prevent overheating and avoid damage, this is known as thermal throttling. The overall performance of your laptop will suffer.

Do cooling pads work?

Yes, laptop cooling pads really do work. Additionally, many people consider the decreased temperature and thus decrease in the potential extent of damage to the hardware as well as other aspects of your creation, a major plus in using a laptop cooler or stand.

How long should the laptop cool down?

It is always best to shut the laptop down if you don’t plan on using it for a while. If your laptop is cooling down and will not turn back on, you might need to clean dust or dirt out of your fan, which may cause your laptop not to start up again. It needs 30 mins to cool down your laptop/


If you are a gamer, then you must know that laptops are the most suitable gaming rigs. But even gamers prefer laptops that work efficiently and do not overheat.

But the problem of overheating in laptops is quite common these days. While it has been a concern of the common man, it has also led to many people investing in cooling pads and the like, but that ends up consuming a lot of power, and the cooling pads somehow work well in laptops.

There are many others ways that I had discussed in this article to cool down the laptop. I hope after reading this article you will understand how to cool down the laptop while gaming.

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