How to Draw on an Android Tablet?

Drawing and Painting is a fantasy and passion for almost everyone. Drawing and painting help you to feel relaxed and relieves stress. Today mostly everyone has a digital device to hand.

Drawing and painting on a tablet is a fantastic way to let your creativity run free and express yourself. How to draw on an android tablet may sound difficult, but it is the same process as drawing on normal paper.

Drawing on a tablet is a lot easier than you think. If you have the right tools and know the right strokes then your drawings will be easy to create. So let us discuss!

Setup the Tablet

There are three key things to take care of when getting your tablet ready for work – your email, calendar, and contacts need to be properly synchronized.

Fortunately, this process only needs to happen once and is relatively easy, since it typically entails setting up accounts through Gmail or by using LDAP. This way you’ll get your messages delivered the way you want them to be delivered.

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How to Draw Hands on Tablet?

A hand can be a fantastic subject for beginning artists as they have so many intricate details, from the outline of the palm to the fingers. Beginners should first draw an open hand as a basic shape that takes up some space within a rectangle.

This shape will be curved on top and straight on the bottom. The knuckles are represented with small circles along with each finger, with one at the base of the left side of the rectangle. Familiarize yourself with the distance between fingers.

Focus on knowing how many circles are between the tips of the fingers. For example, there are four circles between my pointer finger and thumb with each circle being about half the size of your pencil’s eraser.

Then, draw an outline around these circles to determine the rest of the hand’s dimensions. Once you have mastered this, try to draw other gestures using this method.

How to Draw Dogs?

Learning how to draw any animal on a tablet is surely a great way to improve your digital sketching and build confidence quickly.

The first step towards figuring out how to bring the shape of a dog to life is by understanding its basic structural elements and proportions.

Take, for example, it’s head as a circle, its torso as an oval, and its lower half as an oval or even circle. Move from head to bottom and make a joining, Don’t forget about perspective when drawing the ears and muzzle by adding grid lines so that these features remain in proportion with one another just like we see them in real life.

How to Draw Buildings?

When it comes to learning more about perspective, buildings are the perfect subject matter that field practice with different types of architecture.

Rather than drawing buildings flat, aim to make them seem as if they jumped off the page by using a horizon line. Start by sketching the horizon line on your drawing, and then draw vanishing lines radiating out from it.

If you’d like, you can sketch some horizontal “guide-lines” onto your paper first, which you can use as references for creating an angle before adding vanishing guides to them (you may want to draw these guidelines at an angle rather than perfectly straight).

Once you’re more comfortable with these guidelines, start creating cubes that follow the perspective of your verticals and horizontals based on your vanishing guides.

How to Draw Butterflies?

Drawing a butterfly may seem tough but it’s actually pretty quick to do when you learn how. Start with an oval shape, then add in a vertical line for the body. Below is where the butterfly’s legs will be, so draw an oval for that body part.

Above your larger oval is where the butterfly’s head is, so draw another (smaller) circle in its place. Next is to make sure your wings are wide open and convincingly looking like they are dancing in the wind, so sketch out two long ovals starting at the top of both sides of your larger oval for each wing (the part where the wings begin).

Then using lightly drawn (curved) lines, connect them for each wing just like real feathers on an actual bird. Now you’re ready to give her eyes and palpi by making 2 small circles for each eye and 3 stick-like shapes inside the body placement with dotted lines along their length representing antennae.

First, we want to add detail to the torso. We’ll rough it out, so we know where we stand and what we can work with. From this basis, we draw horizontal lines for the upper wings and upward angled lines from the middle of these for the tops of the wings.

We then draw curves around these new lines to help our shapes become more defined. For the leading edge of both wings, we use straight lines that will eventually connect with our shapes above them to make a definite outcome.

In regards to the body, after adding some detail to it at this stage, you will notice that all three areas tie together seamlessly! Lastly for the lower wings, using your triangle tool, simple triangles are all you need.

How to Draw Cars?

Learning to draw cars can be complicated. People who aren’t used to it will often make the same mistakes over and over again. To get a good grasp on perspective, imagine you’re looking at a long road from a distance.

This is your vanishing point. Now draw a pair of parallel lines along the bottom of the page going out into the distance, right at the edge of your vanishing point.

These lines should converge at a single vanishing point that’s slightly higher than the one at the bottom corner of your paper.


There are many people that are interested in the drawing who have trouble because they are not very good at drawing, to begin with.

So here are the different tools that are available to help you to improve your skills at drawing. As the world is getting more advanced, there are many new changes taking place around us.

Technology is getting smarter and simpler to use. One of the biggest technological changes is the introduction of the android tablet to the market. The android tablet is one of the most advanced devices in the world.

But for all its advanced features, it is also very easy to use. Many people create different types of shapes on android tablets. We had discussed a few of them. I hope that you will understand that How to draw on an android tablet.

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