How to Fax from Printer? (2022 Updated)

Faxing is still an important communication medium for businesses. Faxing is more effective than Email as it provides more reliability and is more reliable.

Faxing is a great alternative if your business is located in the middle of nowhere. Faxing from your printer is a great way to save money on phone bills.

You can send and receive faxes, just like you would with a traditional fax machine. With a little bit of setup, you can have your printer fax for you and receive faxes, too. This blog will show you how to fax from printer.

Fax Capability of a Printer

The easiest way to check if your multifunction printer can receive and send faxes is to see if it has a telephone or “fax” jack.

This will be located near the scanner, on the back of the computer, and sometimes on the bottom.

Alternatively, if there is a button on your printer that says “fax” or something similar, you can use this to send any documents you need as soon as they are scanned directly as a fax.

Finally, not all multifunction printers have the capability to send and receive faxes.

This shouldn’t be too much of a problem though as they can often be fitted with an add-on that makes this possible.

Make sure you check the fine print on your printer so you have all the information related to fax capabilities and what it takes to get this feature installed if indeed it isn’t included by default.

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Use Document Feeder to Send Fax

You can use a regular fax machine as a fax server. You will need to download and install the appropriate software on your computer.

Once you have installed the software, connect your computer either by way of USB or over your network directly to the printer.

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Install the software that came with your new printer’s setup disk, this should include an option to set up faxing connections. Select “fax” as the connection method you want to use.

Then using supplied cables or those that you choose yourself hook up the printer via Ethernet cable to a router or hub which is connected to your computer, if not included with your system a decent wireless router will do, once setup connects each of the fax machines one at a time through either a USB cable (one later one in parallel) or Serial port adapter/dongle.

Send a Fax using the Print Driver

Many connected fax machines can send a document as a fax by using the correct driver.

Most techs believe that both the printer and fax versions of Dell’s Universal Print Driver allow users to send a document as a fax.

When trying to print from an application, select the correct driver such as “Dell Fax” that is located within the Print dialog box, and confirm your settings in order for the document to be sent out as fax, such as which number it will go out to.

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Send Fax using Efax

Log in to your eFax account. On the home page, there is a Send Faxes link in the navigation menu on top.

In the “to” field of this popup, type in the name or company that you’d like to fax, and select from your contacts if applicable.

Next, go to Country and choose your recipient’s location. When you get there, select the Fax Number for the country.

If contact was chosen previously – in this case, contacts are taking priority over country-specific numbers – then click on it so all fields will be filled out.

Click Browse to attach a document that describes the agreement, then click OK. From the Instant Task List, select Send Contract for this Task.

This lets you select which fax number to send the fax to or where you want to send it from. Click the Complete Fax Request button after filling out these additional fields.

FAQs Related How to Fax from Printer?

How do I send a fax from my HP printer?

Go to File>Print and select the printer with an output labeled as “Fax.” Click Print, which will open a window for you to create a new Fax. You’ll enter each party’s contact information and submit the send document button in order to send your fax document through one of many different available service providers!

Can I fax from my printer without a phone line?

To fax from a wireless printer, use a mobile faxing machine. There are two types of these printers that can be connected to a cellular network – integrate these machines into your team, either by pairing them with GSM mobile printing devices or CDMA ones.
If you want to send a fax without access to a wired connection, you will need special hardware that can provide the wireless device with access to traditional phone lines. Cellular network devices operate on one of two major types of transmission technology: GSM or CDMA.

Can I fax from my cell phone?

Simply open the app and find a document on your phone, or upload a file from the Files Anywhere website. You then select a location to which to send it, and fill in the recipient’s details, along with your own personal contact details.
Type a fax number to send it to – just like any enterprise-grade system would do – and press Send! It couldn’t be simpler. The slightly unorthodox but remarkably intuitive way that one can send files remotely using a smartphone practically feels like magic.


Faxing from a printer is a standard feature on most printers. If you are in a house of a small business or a corporate office and found a need to create a paper copy of some important documents, then you might have the need to fax it.

Using the fax machine is a very common way of sending documents and information. But there are ways that you can fax from a printer.

All you need to do is to have a printer that supports this feature and then you can use that to send the documents. I hope after reading all the ways you will understand how to fax from printer.

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