Best Guide: How to Fix Laptop Power Jack without Soldering?

If you’re only able to charge your laptop by tilting the adapter or rotating the charging cable, it’s possible that your laptop is receiving a poor connection from either the power cord itself, the area where it connects to your computer, or from a faulty laptop charger.

Fortunately, there are a few things you can try to troubleshoot this problem before going through the trouble of replacing parts yourself. So let us discuss in this article how to fix laptop power jack without soldering.

Working of a Power Jack on Laptop

It is necessary to have a DC power jack on your laptop because it will allow you to turn your laptop on and charge its battery. The majority of the time, laptops have two connectors: +VE and GND.

Positive and negative connectors are also names for these things. Normally, DC power jacks work well, but it is still possible for something bad to happen which jams them.

This would be a problem because it would make charging very difficult and eventually render the battery useless until the problem is fixed or a new one is purchased.

If you connect another charging port while your current one is occupied, the laptop will sense the new connection. Dell integrates fine-wire strain gauge circuitry into each of these pins so that it can measure flexure.

Use them if soldering will permanently damage your laptop or perhaps if the circuit board is broken and needs to be swapped out. The laptop may refuse to recharge if the jack is dislodged and it isn’t connected well enough for a proper connection.

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Steps of Fixing Laptop Power Jack

Equipment’s Required

If you want to learn how to fix a laptop power jack, first take stock of your resources. The first thing you will need is an AC adaptor with the necessary connectors (and don’t worry if they come in a generic package).

You should also gather any extra zip ties you may need as well as some tape. If the pointer is still working, use it.

Physical Damage Related Issues

If your laptop pin either isn’t working or it comes loose, don’t be alarmed! You can find numerous- save options in any one of our outlets. Some may even say to try and stick it back, but I wouldn’t advise doing so.

When this happens, save yourself the trouble and simply replace it. Connecting a pin when cracked is unwise as the current will not flow typically and in turn, generate heat in the particular area in question: damage to that part of your laptop and even the motherboard could occur in extreme cases.  

Some models of laptops might not have a DC jack, in which case you will need to look for a new adapter instead. No matter what the model is, search for “[your laptop model] dc jack” and buy the listed product to replace your broken one.

You will find a dc-in jack for your laptop by searching for “[your laptop model] dc jack.” Gently pull out the dc-in jack from its housing.

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Now, if the jacks are glued onto the circuit board with epoxy or solder, gently pull it off after cutting as much as you can of its original body from around the hole. Remember not to cut any wires since they’re soldered onto your computer’s circuit boards.

Motherboard, Wire, and Pin Related Issues

The DC jack is the part of the computer that allows you to plug in any device it supports. If it doesn’t work, getting power to your device won’t be possible. There are two ways to solve this problem.

Motherboard having a Separate Connector on the DC-In Jack

Disconnect the computer’s power adapter jack from the motherboard. Attach the power adapter to the DC jack. Check the voltage on the DC jack. It should not be the same as with the power adapter.

Now you have to fix broken wires or reconnect a defective pin of an internal power jack that has already been properly soldered.

If you have PC cooling tubing handy, it can be used for reinforcement after checking if all connections are in place and no wiring has been cut off during repair work.

Check again the voltage on the DC jack; it should have remained intact now. Reassemble your laptop, which means connecting all of its parts back where they were before you started working on it.

Soldered DC-In Jack on the Motherboard

Now you’re probably wondering how to fix a laptop power socket since we just told you that we resoldered it and we didn’t tell you how to do it, as this is such a common question asked of us on a daily basis.

What many people don’t realize about the situation is that there is both soldering and dry welding involved in fixing a laptop power socket.

The importance of removing all dust cannot be stressed enough as the problems will only get worse otherwise and inevitably cause your laptop to stop working properly.

One factor that causes the problem is that the solder has an increased temperature inside of the solitaire machine due to dry welding which can’t exist because of material expansion.

To resolve this issue, first, you should determine which track burned, so if it’s the +VE track or the inductive signal track. If it’s the latter, then you can ignore both options and go directly from the jack pins to where either track would reach.

To prevent further damage, attach a jumper wire using glue or a conductive epoxy mixture. Once attached to your board, this provides a robust link to your motherboard and modifies this system in order to withstand movement.

FAQs Related How to Fix Laptop Power Jack without Soldering?

Is it possible to repair a broken laptop charger port?

To repair a laptop charger port, you should first find out the cause of the issue. You can quickly detach and install the power jack if it is connected to the motherboard.
If your computer’s power jack is soldered to the motherboard already, you’ll have to separate it from the rest of the board and replace it.

Is it possible to replace a laptop’s power jack?

When you’re trying to decide if it’s time to replace your power jack, you need to understand the difference between a soldered and a connector power jack.
Whether you choose a soldered or connector one can make a big difference because they will affect how much it costs to replace the power jack and may require different approaches and parts as well.
When making your decision, make sure you know what kind of laptop needs repair as that information could change everything.


There are different types of power jacks in laptops. Sometimes these power jacks can get broken and stop working properly. Most of the time the laptop is still functional and can be used with an AC adapter.

Many people think they need to replace the motherboard when this happens, but this is not true. They can replace the power jack instead. We have explained different ways to fix the laptop power jack.

I hope that after reading this guide you will understand how to fix laptop power jack without soldering. If you have any queries regarding this topic, then tell us in the comment section.

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