How to Fix Overheating the Laptop Without Taking it Apart?

Nowadays, laptops have become more powerful and slimmer than ever before. A large number of graphic cards and processors that are supporting the bigger screen for a high resolution, these components are responsible for making laptops so powerful.

As we know that everything has side effects. These components do provide fast speed but, may lead your laptop to an overheating problem. I will show you how to fix overheating the laptop without taking it apart?

Overheating causes your laptop’s hardware failure or other internal damage. Overheating leads to all types of problems for your laptop.

The growing number of processors and graphics are not too connected, in fact, all the latest gadgets are becoming more and more connected, yet, all these come at a price called overheating.

Overheating can cause severe damage to your laptop as well as other devices. It’s time to fix this problem. By fixing this problem, your laptop’s performance will be improved and it also adds a few years to its age.

Laptops are mobile by nature and over time they naturally overheat anyway. Your laptop is heated due to the dust trapped in the ventilation areas.

This problem mostly occurs when people run their laptops in a particularly dirty or dusty environment, or when people block the vents. To truly fix a laptop that is running hot you Need to take it apart and give it a good clean.

However, sometimes people just want to know that is there still any way to fix this problem without taking it apart which is perfectly understandable. Read this article completely, and you will find answers to all your questions.

Procedure to Fix Overheating the Laptop Without Taking it Apart

Laptops are known to overheat and the most common reason for that is the dust production inside the fans and blocking the ventilation.

In some cases, a brand new laptop can overheat too. In such a case, it’s important for you to learn how to fix overheating the laptop without taking it apart.

The good news is that you can usually bring down the temperature with a few easy fixes which do not requires much technical knowledge. 

Here are some steps that will help you fix this overheating problem. Follow all the steps given below:

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Temperature Tracking Software

Firstly, you need to get temperature tracking software to test if the fixes are working or not. It will help you find out the difference in the temperature.

There are many free ones out there. It’s an excellent way to find out how hot your laptop gets under regular use.

Laptop Cooling Pad

Laptops always run a bit hot because there are too many components in such a small area. If you notice that you’re laptop usually gets hot then buying a laptop cooling pad is a good idea.

A cooling pad acts as a great way to reduce the temperature of an overheating laptop. You can find out cooling pads with external exhaust fans and a USB cable, those are pretty good-looking. An angling cooling pad is an amazing option as it extends the airflow to the laptop and cools it down.

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CPU Turbo Boost

Disabling CPU Turbo Boost is a good option. As many of the laptop’s users have noticed that disabling it has brought down the internal temperature by a few degrees.

Turbo Boost basically over locks your CPU so it can keep on with demanding tasks. Generally, it consumes more power, which creates higher temperatures.

→ Follow the steps given down below to disable CPU Turbo Boost:

  1. Open up your Control Panel. 
  2. Click on the Hardware and Sound.
  3. Then, select power options.
  4. Find and click on Change Plan Settings.
  5. Now, change advanced power settings.
  6. Expand Processor Power Management and Maximum Processor State.
  7. Increase the value to 99%.

→ By following these steps your CPU Turbo Boost will be disabled. It will bring down the temperature to 10 to 20 degrees.

Heavy Applications 

Close all the Resource Heavy Applications. This is the simplest method. Open up your task manager and take a look at those processes and applications that are using a lot of your CPU.

These are mostly the background processors that you don’t see on your screen. It is a good idea to take look at your task manager as it will help you to find out what is heating up your resources and making your laptop overheat.

This will help you to reduce the temperature as you will close that program, which is leading your laptop to overheat.

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Compressed Air

As I have shared before, the laptop is overheating due to the dust trapped in the ventilation areas.

If you think that the dust is blocked in the vents, then consider using a can of compressed air to blow out all the dust particles. The compressed air will dislodge any build-up of dust and will improve the airflow.

A Flat Surface

Most laptops take in their cooling air through the bottom. You should use your laptop while it is placed on a flat surface, as it will allow the air to move across. Uneven surfaces like your lap or a sweeping cushion can block your laptop’s wind current.

If you are using you’re laptop while placed on an uneven surface, according, cooling is hindered and heat develops, your laptop’s surface gets hot, the temperature of sicker in cooling air increases,s and inevitably your laptop is overheating.

This situation is effectively maintained by keeping the laptop on a hard, level, and flat surface. You can simply use something like a laptop stand or a laptop holder or a laptop plate.

Effects of Overheating Laptop 

Now, you know all the possible fixes for overheating a laptop without taking it apart. But you should also know the effects of overheating laptops. Here are some effects of an overheating laptop:

  1. Overheating causes the laptop’s process to slow down, which results in the low performance of laptops. 
  2. Overheating Laptops must have a battery problem. Most laptops consist of lithium-ion batteries which can expose to heat easily.
  3. When the laptop starts to overheat the electrical performance and the output decrease. 
  4. All the essential components connected to the motherboard are affected. As hotter laptop’s also damaged the motherboard. 
  5. If the problem of overheating the laptop is not fixed, it decreases the lifespan of your laptop. 
  6. An overheating laptop can damage your hardware and increase the risk of loss of all the data.


In this article, I have explained to you in detail how to fix overheating the laptop without taking it apart. I have shared with you as many as possible fixes for an overheating laptop without taking it apart.

But remember if your laptop starts to get too overheated. Then it’s time to open up your laptop and give it a good clean. But if your laptop has just started to overheat,  then all these fixes will work right away.

I have also shared with you the most damaging effects of an overheating laptop to make you aware of what will happen if you won’t fix this problem.

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