How to Get a Broken Headphone Jack out?

The headphone jack on your phone is broken, and you are struggling to get it out. What can you do?

The first step is to try and remove the headphone jack. If you can do so, then you should be able to remove the whole iPhone from the motherboard safely and replace the jack.

Whether you got your headphones caught on something and yanked or you broke them, getting them out is not easy.

Here are some techniques and tools that you can use when you get a headphone jack stuck in.

However, this process is delicate and may end up damaging the whole piece if gone wrong. This blog is a guide on how to get a broken headphone jack out.

Ways to Remove the Headphone Jack

Though this may sound a bit scary, you can’t go wrong following these steps on the likelihood that it’ll help you solve your issue.

We recommend taking care while each step is executed as damage may incur to your phone or tablet if you don’t act with caution and are nervous about breaking something.

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Use Inner Tube of Ball Pen

If you need to extract the broken portion of a headphone jack from the socket, all you have to do is take off the inner tube of a pen if it has one.

It’s always best to be cautious when trying this method so just watch where you’re sticking the piece you’ve detached.

This part of the pen is actually hollow, but it can help extract the broken portion. Push it into your earphone jack and then gently pull out with a steady motion until there is no more broken piece left inside.

One thing to note is that this technique may leave behind small pieces of paper on your headphone port so make sure not to stuff in anything else once it’s fixed.

Some problem-solving (If you happen to be missing the two-inch plastic guide in your earphone, then cut off a two-inch length from a tube) or (find an object with a similar diameter such as a tube of lubricating oil) and insert it into the earphone socket).

Then tap it down firmly into place with something robust like a shoe or slipper until you’re sure that you’ve managed to connect to where the piece should have been in the first place.

Once you’re confident enough that the item is now attached again, take away the pressure.

Use Super Glue

If you don’t have a pen handy and want to get a word or two down on paper, then superglue might do the trick! You probably know that using superglue is not permanent so here’s a tip.

  • You should let your notes dry slightly before writing anything else. But be careful – If you try to write over superglue immediately after applying it, it will stick to your pen.
  • To fix a broken earphone jack, use a small amount of superglue on the plug and then ensure it is dry by following the instructions provided on the packaging.

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  • You can easily make sure it is tacky enough when you apply a small amount of pressure to the area. Your project might depend on this so make sure that glue adheres properly!!
  • Once you’ve followed these steps, just slide your new replacement headphone jack into position until you feel it drop into place. Once everything feels secure, hold for 30 seconds before releasing your hand.

Heated Paper Clip

If you don’t have any glue available and need your earphones working as quickly as possible, heat can be a helpful substitute.

One of the common problems that accompany the damaged part of the headphone jack is that of a small piece of plastic or ‘ring’ that holds the pin in place within the socket.

To secure this ring back into place by overheating the paperclip end of it. Unfold the paperclip to create more space then bend it so the pin bends to form a right angle at 90 degrees.

Heat up one side of your bent paperclip with something capable of reaching high temperatures like an oven, lighter, iron, etc, and make sure you only heat one side otherwise your paperclip could turn into a molten puddle.

Use Grip Stick

If you’re having trouble with your DIY fixes, it might be time to consider a more complete solution.

GripStick is a side project that was brought to life thanks to efforts from the community in exchange for perks.

One of these perks designed especially for earphone users is meant to help in removing and reconstructing broken headphone jack plugs.

Of course, the GripStick isn’t cheap, it’s an affordable luxury. But it’s still a ton less expensive than paying a professional to remove the lost connector on your headphones with an iOpener.

If your smartphone is under warranty or smartphone insurance, you will be out of pocket even more by using a specialist repairman to fix your broken headphone jack.

GripStick works as soon as you plug it in and then just take it out again with no hassle – so there won’t be any interruption in your listening experience.

Tips to Prevent the Damage of Headphones

Don’t Buy Cheap Headphones

It goes without saying but you should go for the highest-quality headphones you can afford that are also durable.

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Cheap headphones tend to be made with flimsy components that don’t always last as long or break down at an accelerated pace.

If you want a pair of headphones that will be around for a while, it’s crucial you invest in something that will give you more bang for your buck because not only does it benefit you, but others too by avoiding the possibility of using inexpensive and low-quality headphones; this is because your sound quality deteriorates and gives others a less-than-desirable experience.

Don’t Pull the Cable

Remove the plug from its socket using your thumb and forefinger, rather than pulling on the cable. Pulling puts excess strain on the cable; at some point, it’s liable to crack or break off.

Unplug Headphones when not in Use

Wearing headphones while performing tasks or engaging in activities around the home can be a deadly mistake.

Nothing is more frustrating than mowing your lawn and snagging your earbuds on a rather prickly rose bush.

Not only will you risk discomfort, but you instill the same dangers to others that attempt to get near you while wearing them when they’re snagged on an uneven surface.

Buy L-shaped Headphones

There’s an easy way to make sure your cables don’t get damaged when you plug them in and pull them out.

You’ll want to take a finger and wrap it around the connector so that your fingernail is touching the jack once you connect it. This will help hold the connection together as you unplug it.

Use Bluetooth Headphones

It’s no surprise that many people are fed up with tangled wires on headphones. One way you can make life easier for yourself is by switching to a wireless version that completely eliminates all worries about getting the jack stuck inside the socket or fiddling around too much with cables when you’re busy doing something else. Plus, you’ll be able to move about more easily.


If you are like most people, there are various electronic devices in your life. Most electronic devices have a headphone jack that is used to give you a private listening experience.

It is not uncommon for you to wake up to find that the headphone jack is broken. The first thing that comes to mind is how to get a broken headphone jack out.

In this article, I had described several methods that can be used to remove the headphone jack. I hope after reading all these methods you will easily understand.

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