How to get Sound from Projector to Speakers?

Sometimes it is better to use the projector’s sound than to use the TV’s sound. This is especially useful when you want to use wireless headphones.

This is a pretty common situation, but running the cable and keeping it hidden so that the viewer of the presentation is not distracted by the mess of cables can be a pain.

This blog will show you the best way to get sound from projector to speakers and remove any unwanted wires for a cleaner and better-looking presentation. So, let us discuss how to get sound from projector to speakers.

Steps of getting Sound from Projectors

To fix your problem and sound from your projector to your speakers, you’ll need to follow these steps:

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  • Check the cables you use to connect your audio/video source to your projector. You will have a better chance of hearing the slides being presented properly if you make sure that each one is fully seated. Check both the speaker cables and the video/audio cable. If any of these connections are loose or not fully seated, you won’t get sound when your presenter decides to play some music or present an instructional video. Disconnect the cable that goes from your audio/visual source to your projector, and then plug it back in making sure that each one is strongly connected and securely seated. Then repeat the same process with any cables or wires that connect to your speakers. If they are loose, you won’t get sound.
  • Make sure that you’ve got the right cable. If your projector’s not receiving audio, make sure to check if you’re connecting via S-Video or HDMI. And keep in mind that if your video input on your computer is VGA, then your computer doesn’t support sound output. When using VGA cables for video, you need to use an additional cable, like an optical audio cable, RCA audio cable, or 3.5mm audio cable, to transmit sound. When using RCA audio cables and the 3.5mm cable on the socket labeled “Audio Out,” you see two black-and-red speaker symbols for L and R next to it – this signifies you are using these cables for both sound and video so there is no need to worry about additional cabling like HDMI or component video with analog passthrough is required if your display also has speakers built-in.

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  • Check that the cables you’re using to connect your audio/video source (for example a computer) with your projector aren’t damaged in any way. If they are, either ask IT support to find a new cable for you or try swapping them out and seeing if this fixes the issue. If you have connected a computer or laptop to your projector and the volume’s good but no sound is coming out of it then make sure you haven’t muted the computer or laptop by accident. If you’re using another device and all other audio options are on and no sound is coming through then check that that device hasn’t been muted! You should also check whether or not your connection cord has been disconnected in any way which can be done by simply disconnecting and reconnecting it to the correct ports.

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  • Check the volume on the projector. The projector’s sound output options may be set to low, or the device may even be muted so confirm the volume settings are on. Check that you’re using the correct audio source with your speakers.

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  • Check the volume of your soundbar, home theater receiver, or amplifier. If you’re using a projector, make sure all of your equipment is turned on and connected properly. Once everything is securely connected, check to see if the speaker has multiple audio output options and that you’ve selected the one associated with your projector. If possible, try plugging in a different device into that port on your mixer/sound system and switch to it.
  • Check for app updates. If you’re using an app on your projector, check to make sure that its app version is up to date. If the app needs updating, this may cause the app to function improperly and could possibly introduce bugs.
  • Check for unwanted wireless interference. If you’re using a wireless connection, be sure there aren’t any other devices around that might be causing interference with your project. Try moving the projector closer to the speaker system and verify that it is still connected by either checking visual indicators on your speaker system or by trying to listen as well as possible.

FAQs Related How to get Sound from Projector to Speakers?

Can I connect speakers to my projector?

Some business presentations are just too long to keep the attention of an audience without some help.
One method that professionals use to make things a little more fun for their audience is by connecting external speakers to their projector. This way, there is the volume at a high enough level to shush away all distractions and the focus remains on the subject matter at hand.
Most projectors offer a port that allows you to connect another device with different equipment so that you can hear things loud and clear like books being read or video games being played.

Do projectors have audio out?

Some projectors do have audio output connections, and there are a few that you’ll need to consider in order to output sound to the speakers.
To get sound from the projector to speakers, wired or wireless methods can be used by connecting them appropriately.

How does sound work on a projector?

Wired or wireless methods can be used by connecting projectors and external speakers appropriately.
However, the connectivity options sometimes differ on each projector model, so you should check the documentation manuals first to determine what’s available for your specific devices and setup.


Sound, as in audio processing and reproduction, is achieved by various audio technologies, such as speakers and microphones.

A sound projector is a device that projects audio content, such as music, speeches, or theatrical plays, over an area.

When you are using a projector, most of the time you would have the sound coming from the same source where you have the video.

But what if you have the video source elsewhere? This is when you will need to get the sound from the projector to the speakers.

You may think getting sound from projector to speakers is an easy task, but it’s actually quite a technical process.

A step-by-step guide about this is written for your convenience and I hope after reading this you will understand how to get sound from projector to speakers.

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