How to Hide Messages on iPhone?

Your iPhone is one of the best devices you own, and it’s a great way to stay connected with your family. There are many helpful features on your phone that help you get through everyday life.

One such feature is the ability to send private messages so only certain people can read them. In this blog post, we’ll teach you how to hide messages on iPhone so no one else will see what you’re typing in those secret chats.

The fastest way to learn how to hide messages on your iPhone is by following these instructions in our blog post.

How to Hide alerts to new Messages?

With the Show Previews feature, you can view texts without unlocking your phone or opening Messages. Sure, this is a convenient function and may be hard for people who value their privacy to overcome but there are ways of turning it off if that’s what you want.

Follow these steps:

  • Unlock your phone, go to Settings and then tap on Notification. Scroll down until you find messages in the list of notifications.
  • Inside the Messages section, select Show Previews. By default settings, it is already set to Always but you have to change that setting so messages don’t show previews on your lock screen when text bubbles appear as notifications.
  • When you get an iMessage and your phone is unlocked, the content will still be hidden from prying eyes. Even if they know how to unlock it.

Set Time Limit for Messages App

It’s not that difficult to disable the Show Previews feature for messages on your iPhone. All you have to do is set a time limit at which it will automatically turn off, and then when you lend out your phone, nobody can see any of what was previously sent while using Messages

  • Open setting and then move to screen time and tap on Turn on screen time. Then click on the screen and select This is my iPhone.
  • With a few taps, you can set up an app limit on your iPhone.
  • Tap “Use Screen Time Passcode” to create a four-digit passcode.
  • Click “App Limits” and tap the plus sign in the upper right corner and choose Social Networking and then select Messages.
  • You can customize the time and days of your Time Limit to be as short or long as you want.
  • Get your screen time passcode ready and you’ll be notified when the next minute is up. When it does, quickly enter that code into Messages to continue using the app for another 60 seconds.

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Lock and Hide Text Messages in Notes App

You can unlock your messages by entering the passcode, or you could use one of these tips to conceal them. The first option is adding all text message conversations in Notes and locking them with a password.

Alternatively, if there are many texts that need to be hidden from prying eyes, take screenshots of each conversation thread then add those images as new notes within Notes before securing them with a password-lock feature too.

To lock up your notes for safekeeping or privacy reasons, simply swipe from right to left on any message as it’s open and tap Lock Note at the bottom of the page then set a passcode for said locked note. You also can use Touch ID/FaceID when unlocking them too.

Use Third-Party Apps to Hide Messages on iPhone

If you want to keep your messages private, there are a few things that can help. One of these methods is using third-party apps on the iPhone.

We have compiled some best apps in this section that will allow you to hide text and multimedia message threads from unwanted people or anyone who happens upon them by accident.

Shady Contacts

Shady Contacts is a messaging security app that lets you hide your messages and keeps all of the data on your phone secure. When it’s not being used, Shady Contacts automatically locks up to keep prying eyes from seeing what you’re doing.

And its user-friendly interface means anyone can use this program with ease! However, the inefficiency at handling large amounts of data makes one wonder if this could be an issue for some people who don’t back their information up or have little space left on their phones after using other apps often.

Hide SMS

Hide SMS is a messaging app for iPhones that promises to keep your messages private. Although it does not work with some Android devices, iPhone users can enjoy the convenience of this privacy-minded message delivery service.

With Hide SMS’s unlimited storage space and simple interface, you’ll never have to worry about losing any more texts again.


Vault is a small app that may be your best bet for keeping all of those messages, calls, and private contacts are hidden. It’s like an actual vault but instead, the key to unlocking it would only work with password protection.

Premium users will also have access to locking certain apps which can keep them safe from prying eyes as well! There are some drawbacks though; Vault could slow down phones due to its high-level encryption features so make sure you’re aware before downloading this application onto your device.

Block SMS and Call

Block SMS and Call is the best app for stopping pesky spam messages, texts, and unwanted calls. Block SMS and Call have six modes to choose from: Phone in Other Hand; Blocked Calls Only; Alerts When Someone Wants You To Answer Your Phone but No One Is There; Silent Mode that works when you are at work or during a movie so your phone doesn’t disrupt others around you; Custom Mute Timeout which allows users to specify how many minutes they want their iPhone muted before returning back on its own with alerts turned off.

Private Message Box

Private Message Box is an app for iPhones that allow users to send and receive texts without the rest of their messages being seen. Messages are hidden from all other potential contacts, even people who have Private Message Box as well.

It’s easy to use with one click settings and you can sign in easily by entering a telephone number; there’s no limit on how many text messages or media files you can share between friends using this secure messaging system.

FAQs Related to the Topic

Can you hide a text thread?

The simplest way to secure a text message from prying eyes is by securing it with a password, fingerprint, PIN, or lock pattern. If someone can’t get past the security system they won’t be able to access your messages and will have no choice but to leave empty-handed!


If you want to hide messages on your iPhone, there are a few different ways. Whether you’re embarrassed by what the message says or just don’t want it in plain sight, we can show you how to do this with ease.

We hope that these methods have helped guide you through the process of hiding messages and given some insight into not only how but why people might use them.

The more you know about how to hide messages on your iPhone, the less likely that someone will be able to see anything they shouldn’t. Do we hope this article will help you understand how to hide messages on iPhone?

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