Step by Step Guide: How to Play Ps4 on Laptop with HDMI?

The Play station 4, also known as Ps4, is one of the most unique options ever. Playing on the Ps4 console could be quite entertaining for most of us.

High graphical games with massive gameplay give most of us, the best entertainment for our leisure time.

Now, imagine that you’re playing your favorite game on Ps4, on your TV. But, what if all of sudden your TV stops working, or maybe your TV is always occupied by your family and you are not getting the best of your gaming time.

Now, you may be curious about how to play Ps4 on Laptop with HDMI? Although it may sound simple, it is a little bit tricky and complicated task.

To play Ps4 on a laptop screen is a tricky thing for those people who don’t know much about converting their laptop into a screen for gameplay.

Most of you guys will be wondering how is it possible. You can do it with HDMI. But it’s not that simple, because the HDMI is not a two-way connection.

An HDMI ( High Definition Multimedia Interface ) is an undirected connection. The HDMI port on both laptops and a Ps4 is an output port. The laptop should have video input with HDMI input.

Therefore, it is a quite tricky process to connect the Ps4 to a standard laptop. The Ps4 is equipped with an HDMI port but it does not mean that you can directly connect the game with the laptop.

As we know that the HDMI port in a laptop and a Ps4 is an output port. However, the requirements are that the laptop should consist of an input HDMI port. This fact makes the process a little bit tricky.

Let’s make this tricky and complicated task a cup of tea for you by considering every step from the beginning, and try to see every critical aspect of playing Ps4 on a laptop with help of HDMI.

Methods of How to Play Ps4 on Laptop with HDMI?

In this text, you will find out some methods for solving this problem. You can try whatever method you find easy. So now let’s get into it.

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Video Capture Card

The first method is playing Ps4 on a laptop with HDMI via a video capture card. By this method, you can easily connect your Ps4 to your laptop and use it as a screen for playing games. All you need to do is to purchase a video capture card.

What you’ll Need:

Here’s the complete list of all the requirements for this method:

  1. Laptop
  2. Ps4
  3. HDMI Cable
  4. Capture Card
  5. Internet

Follow the process given below to play Ps4 on the laptop with HDMI via a video capture card:

Step 1: Enable Connection

To do that, go to your Ps4 settings. Find your way to the Network Settings. Here you will get on the Internet Connection Settings. Make sure that your device is connected to a stable Internet connection.

But if you do not have a wireless connection, then make sure that both of your devices, Ps4, and laptop, are connected to the same router. You, also have to do this step to enable file sharing on your Ps4.

Step 2: Connect Card to Laptop

Now, let’s get connect the video capture card to your laptop. Connect via the USB port of your laptop, this will signify an S-Video Connection.

To make the card work correctly make sure to install the software that comes with it. Also, make sure to get a high-quality video capture card.

Step 3: Connect Ps4 and HDMI to Card

Now it’s time to connect the capture card to the Ps4 console. For this purpose, you have to get an S – Video Connection Cable.

First, you have to insert the HDMI-IN in the video capture card, and after that, you have to insert the HDMI – OUT to the Ps4 console. Now, the setup is completed.

Step 4: Run the Software.

Now, let’s open that software that comes with your capture card. Turn ON your Ps4. The software will recognize the Ps4 and it will display it on your laptop screen. Now your Ps4 console will start streaming on your laptop. 

Step 5: Play Games

Now, your Ps4 and laptop are ready to go. You can play whatever you want on your Ps4 with a laptop screen. Play it with full resolution for the best results.

Remote Play

One of the excellent features of the Ps4 is remote play. It allows you to easily play Ps4 with a compatible device. If you are enabled to play Ps4 on your TV for some reason you can play it on your laptop, for this purpose, Remote Play is perfect.

What you’ll Need:

Here’s the complete list of the requirements of this method :

  1. Ps4
  2. Laptop
  3. USB Cable and Port.
  4. 100 GB free storage and 2 GB RAM.
  5. Sound Card and DUAL Shock controller.
  6. Internet Connection and Ps4 account.

Here’s the complete process for playing Ps4 on a laptop with HDMI via remote play:

Step 1: Download the App

Firstly, you have to download the latest Sony Remote play app on your laptop, from the official website of Sony. Once downloaded, run the installation wizard to complete the process.

Step 2: Preparing Ps4 for Connection

For this purpose, power “ON” your Ps4 and find your way to the Settings. Choose play station network settings and then select Account Management. After that, activate your Ps4 as the primary console. Your Ps4 should be updated to the latest version.

Step 3: Enabling Remote Play

For this, Go to Settings and then into the Remote Play Connection Settings. Check to see whether the remote play is enabled or not.

Step 4: Enable turning on Ps4 from the Network

Open up settings, go to power save settings, and set features on rest mode. Ensure the enable turning on Ps4 from the Network feature is enabled to allow you to stream the Ps4 on the laptop.

Step 5: Set the Settings

Open up the Remote Play that was downloaded on your laptop. Set various settings such as FPS and resolution to your screen according to the preferences of the best gameplay.

Step 6: Link the Controller 

You can link your Controller to the laptop, either using a USB cable or a Dual shock Controller.

Step 7: Search for Ps4 Network

In the remote play app on your laptop, click on the start option. Now log in to your play station network account.

The remote play will now search for the network and will lead you to the home screen. Now, you can play Ps4 on your laptop easily.

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In this article, I have shared with you guys in detail how to play Ps4 on Laptop with HDMI? I have explained to you two Methods, that will absolutely work. I have provided you with a step-by-step guide with images.

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