How to Play Xbox One Games on PC?

The Xbox one is the powerful console created by Microsoft and it is a good choice if you want a multi-platform game. The games run faster on this console because it has the best performance. No one can beat this console yet.

You can play Xbox games on your computer because Microsoft has made it possible. If you are new in gaming on Xbox, then you must know how to play Xbox one games on Pc?. Your gaming experience will be enhanced if you play Xbox Games on the powerful gaming computer.

For this purpose, the Xbox app is required. All you have to do is just connect the console and controller to your computer and enjoy your favorite games. So, let’s discuss in this article about the Xbox one gaming and its procedure in order to play it on your Pc having Windows 10.

Do you have to install a game on Xbox one to play it?

Before you start to play the game on Xbox, you have to install it first. Before launching, you would have to install even optical disk-based games on the hard drive of the console.

Xbox games have slow installation and it needs a good internet connection. The installation speed depends upon the two factors i.e. condition of the console’s disk drive and size of the drive. If you want to speed up the installation time then you have to disconnect the internet connection from Xbox one.

Is Xbox better than PS4?

We will discuss the difference by which you understand that which one is better. it has been always a controversial topic. One debate really cares about and supports Xbox and the other one supports Ps4. There are a lot of games on Ps4 that are not available on the Xbox One.

In other words, you can say that you cannot play Ps4 games on Xbox. In the same way, some games that are available on Xbox are not played by Ps4.

The PlayStation 4 Pro is best for exclusive title games. If we want to experiences these games then Ps4 is the best console to purchase. But if you are not interested in all these exclusive titles then it is better to purchase Xbox one. The App and game makers leave the choice on the users to select the best console.

Can I Play Xbox Games on Pc without a Console?

Choosing a best game is a difficult task because a lot of games are available for Xbox one. Xbox one is full of entertainment for the gamers. If you want to play Xbox games on your computer without having a console, then you should have an Xbox Live account.


The top 10 games of the Xbox games launched by Microsoft are the following:

These all are the video games about different aspects like the outer wilds are the open-world mystery about the solar system and the apex legends are the video games that ruled our cultural universe. These games are the source of entertainment for gamers.

Play Xbox Games on PC

There are two ways to play Xbox games on your Gaming PC having Windows 10. One way is beneficial when you are traveling and the other way is when PC and Xbox are in the same place as a console.

Certain points should be followed to understand that how to play Xbox one games on PC

  1. Requirements
  2. Prepare the Console
  3. Connect the Controller
  4. Connect the Computer and Console
  5. Enhanced Streaming Quality

We will discuss these points step by step to increase our knowledge and enhance gaming experience.

1) Requirements

The first thing we have to do is streaming. You can easily stream your Xbox games on your computer if your computer and Xbox one are connected to the same wifi network that works best.

To enable streaming, click on the console setting then preferences, and allow the game streaming. Open the Xbox app and Sign in. To precede the Xbox games there is the requirement of 4GB RAM and a high-speed processor on your computer. Then you will move towards the console that has to be prepared.

2) Prepare the Console

Turn on the Xbox and make sure to have a good internet connection on the console. Firstly, you have to press the Xbox button on the controller. Click on the setting, when the guides open, then go to the preferences.

Now open Xbox app connections. Click on Xbox and enable game streaming to other devices. Then move to other devices and click on any device option and enable allow the connection.

3) Connect the Controller

  1. Take a USB data transfer cable. Insert one end of the cable into the computer and the second end into the controller.
  2. On the left corner of the screen, there is a window icon, you have to click on it and typesetting, then click on the setting.
  3. When the setting page appears then click on the devices.
  4. Click on the Bluetooth and other devices that are present on the left corner of the computer.
  5. the controller is now connected and there is no problem in it. The controller icon is present on the other device option. You may check it.

4) Connect the PC and Console

To connect the Pc and console you have to follow the process that help you to understand that how to stream Xbox one games on Pc.

On your keyboard there is a Win key, Press it. On the right side of the menu, there is an Xbox app thumbnail, you have to click on it for further processing. Make sure your keyboard should be neat and clean.

When the app opens or launches, then press the connect tab that is present on the left side of the window. The Xbox app is now ready to scan the network for the console. Select the one which you want to connect. It is better to give names if you have multiple consoles. By default, Xbox one console is named as My Xbox.

On-screen you see multiple options for streaming and media remotes when the process of connection is completed. Now Pc app will control your Xbox console because the Xbox console and connector will appear on the screen.

Now you have to start streaming by clicking on the stream button. There is a list of games that appear on your screen. Then select your favorite game and now you want to play it. For this purpose, there is a button on the top right corner of the app page named as play from the console. Click on it. This will allow you to launch the game on the console. The game will start streaming on your Pc.

5) Alter Streaming Quality

You can change the video setting by clicking on the Xbox app. You may have high streaming quality if you have a good internet connection like Ethernet Connection and low streaming for less quality Internet connection.

As discussed previously how to connect the Console and Pc. Follow these steps again. Open the Xbox app and launch it. Click on the setting and it will be open and then click on the streaming there appears a video encoding level section.

Three levels appear on the screen. Low, Medium, and High. The users that have 2.4GHz Wifi network go with a low setting and the user that has 5GHz connection select medium setting. The high setting is for those who have a good ethernet cable connection.

How to Play Xbox Games anywhere?

It is an initiative that allows the Xbox user to play console games anywhere and it launched in 2016 and mainly run on the computer having window 10.

Firstly, You must have a digital copy of the game that we want to play. You have to sure about the updates regarding your Pc and Xbox One. You cannot play Xbox games anywhere on your computer if you are not an Xbox live member.

Open the Pc, Connect the controller with your Pc having window 10 through USB port of your computer. Open the Xbox app and download the games that you have already purchased. If you don’t purchase any game, you can easily purchase them. If the games do not appear in the Xbox app then open the window store and download the games that you want to play.

It is easier for you if games are already purchased, you just have to look on the purchased games and click on the download button. The game will be downloaded in few minutes after this you will enjoy your games and increase your gaming experience.

Can you Play Xbox Games on Window 7?

Xbox games are launched by Microsoft and it does not support window 7 by 14 January 2020. So, the Xbox games run mainly on window 10 because the Xbox app was designed to run on Windows 10.

So, if you have Window 7 then check your system that it meets the requirement for Window 10, download the operating system and make your PC up to date because Xbox app and games associated with this was mainly designed to run on a computer having Window 10 

Can you play Xbox one Games without the disc?

If games are installed on the Xbox hard drive then, a gamer can play Xbox games without the disc. You don’t have to bother to insert the disc again and again if games have been already installed. But there are some games that are only available on disc because they cannot be downloaded.


To sum up the conclusion I would like to say Xbox one is the best console and you can enjoy your favorite games on it. In the past, people go outside to play games but in the modern era, you have to play games on computers and mobiles.

So, the hardcore and the new generation gamers love action, mystery, and ambitious games and that all are available in Xbox one. To play Xbox games on your computer you must have Windows 10 updated version.

You have to connect the Pc and Xbox one to the same WiFi and prepare the console and connect the connector. Now you have to connect the Pc and console. Click on the stream button to enable streaming. The list of games appears on the screen. Select your favorite game and play. All of you have to just follow these steps to play Xbox games on your PC.

I hope this article will help you understanding about how to play Xbox one games on PC?

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