How to Remove Keys of a Keyboard?

Most people spend the day doing work, online shopping, and playing games on their laptops or computer.

But they want to know how to remove the keys of a keyboard So that they kept their keyboard clean and their laptops can work properly.

Now the students also use the laptop for their online classes. Nowadays laptops or computers utilization rate is high. More exposure of computers having dust particles bit food particles, hairs and insects can lead to the improper function or malfunctioning of the keyboard.

In this article you will find the proper way, how to get rid of this dust is to know how to remove keys of a keyboard? You will be happy to know that you do not need to ask for professional help and pay money.

What Are Keyboard Keys?

The keyboard is an electrical typewriter having an array of pushbuttons which are known as keys. These keys are used to input your command in the computer. Keyboards are also used for other functioning. It is a necessary part of the computer.

When you press any key you will see an output on the computer screen. There are specific keys for specific functions. The keyboard contains different numbers, letters, a special set of characters.

Two Main Types of Keyboards

There are the following two main types of keyboard, mechanical keyboard and membrane keyboard. 

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Membrane Keyboards

Membrane keyboards are one of the most important keyboards. This keyboard has a simple structure. This keyboard is also known as a rubber dome keyboard because it consists of a rubber dome for the delivery of the response.

Simple structured helps for making the budget-conscious users. It is manufacture at a lower cost.

Mechanical Keyboards

This type of keyboard has keys switches that are put beneath every key. These switches include the numbers symbols or keycap. It also has the stem that is present beneath the keycap.

When you press the keycap on the mechanical keyboard, then it activates a physical switch beneath the key. When you press the keycap, then it sends the typing signal to the record. This keyboard is famous for gaming.

Why Should You Remove Keyboard Keys?

Maintaining your keyboard is very important. When the dust is stuck on the keys, then it does not work properly. You should clean your keyboard regularly.

Remove your keyboard keys regularly to make sure that they are free from dust. By cleaning the keyboard, the performance remains at the desired level and prolonging its lifespan.

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How to Remove Keyboard Keys?

Here are the following methods on how you can remove keys from your keyboard?

For Membrane Keyboards

To remove membrane keyboard keys you won’t need any expensive equipment or high-tech machinery to remove the keys. Prepare the following tools:

  • Sanitizer
  • Bowls
  • Philip head screwdriver

Here are the following steps to remove the keys of your membrane keyboard.

  1. First of all, unplug your keyboard, and then take it to another safe place so that any of the keys are not lost.
  2. Now turn the keyboard upside down.
  3. Choose the appropriate screwdriver So, that removes the screw properly from your keyboard. When you remove all the screws then, open them into two halves. If it is not open, then use a wedge to open the keyboard safely.
  4. When you hear a snap, then it opened.
  5. Now separate the top and bottom and keep aside the bottom because you do not require the bottom part during the process. Handle it carefully because it contains sensitive components. Rough handling leads to the damaging.
  6.  Take a photo before removing the keyboard keys. It will be helpful when you are returning the keys to their proper position.
  7.  Then turn the top part upside.
  8. Use the tip of the screwdriver and lose the foot of every keycap. Avoid pushing it too much because it will pop out easily.
  9. It is better to leave the enter key because working on it is difficult.
  10. When you removed all the keycaps, you will see a lot of dust and dirt particles. Now, you can start cleaning.

For Mechanical Keyboards

If you want to clean the mechanical keyboard, then you will require a keycap puller to remove the keycaps. Some manufacturing companies add this but, some are not. You can purchase plastic and wire remover online.

Key puller wraps around the keycaps that can help to pull the keys. When you have all the equipment for the removal of keys, then you can remove all the keycaps of your mechanical keyboards.

  1. The first step is to take the keycap puller.
  2. Place the wedge of the puller under the key that you want to remove.
  3. Pull up the puller to remove the desired keycap from the switch.
  4. If your keyboard has LED lights, you should be extra careful to remove the keycaps.
  5. Turn off the device, then plugin and turn on the device so you can avoid the lights of keycaps, which damage your eyes.
  6. When you remove all the keycaps, you will put them in a suitable place that is easily accessible. 
  7. Be extra conscious of removing bigger keys because it has metal support that can damage quickly. 
  8. You should carefully remove all the keycaps so that they cannot damage. 

For Laptop Keys

If you want to remove the keys to your laptop, you will need a screwdriver or a knife.

  1. The first step is to take a photo of your laptop keys it can help you when you fit them on their destination.
  2. Turn off your laptop then, start working. 
  3. To remove all the keys carefully from your laptop, then put them under the corner of any letter or number.
  4. It is better to start removing the keys from left to right.
  5. Some keys are not removed when you need to pull them out.
  6. Put all the keycaps in a bowl so that you do not lose them.
  7. Be extra careful when you remove the bigger keys like 
  8. Space bar caps lock backspace, enter, and other flash keys.
  9. After clearing, the keys then match it with a photo that you took to put the keys back.


There are a lot of things that you learn from the internet, from the simplest to complicated things. There are a lot of helpful guidelines on the internet.

In this article, I explained all the authentic methods of how to remove keys of a keyboard. Many tools can be used during the process, but still, we need to be calm and be extra careful.

Also, we need to have some research knowledge about the keyboard that we have. Our main purpose is to clean or customize our keyboards or both.

For more updates about gaming, keyboards visit other blog posts on our website.

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