General Tips: How to Replace the Laptop Battery?

A laptop is one of the most essential and powerful tools for any business today. However, with proper care, a laptop can last for a long time.

Laptops can sometimes develop problems with their battery which can be a very annoying problem as it makes the laptop unusable.

If your laptop is not charging properly and you think it might be the problem with the battery, then you have to replace it with the new one.

Laptop battery problems are fairly common in today’s world and when you can’t find the time to get them to the store, you often wonder if you can replace the laptop battery yourself.

It’s not as hard as you might think to replace a laptop battery and, in this article, we’ll tell you how. So, let us discuss How to replace the laptop battery.

Steps to Replace the Laptop Battery

Get a new battery

Please don’t open your computer as long as its battery is low because it can cause permanent damage. A simple solution is to replace the old battery with a new one using the online HP Battery Checker.

When you place an order for a new battery, ensure that you have identified without a doubt that the model number and a serial number of the laptop are correctly noted so that you end up getting the right part.

Online stores are the best place to purchase a new battery for your laptop computer. This is because, after making your decision based on price and features, you can research more about the item before you purchase it.

For example, Amazon lets you read reviews from other shoppers on the particular type of battery that you’re interested in. In fact, this website also offers deals where you can find lower prices than some brick-and-mortar stores might offer.

It’s also important to note that there are additional ways to find the best deals possible. For instance, Amazon features a system similar to its “wish list” catalog that puts together items that you’ve previously looked at or inquired about along with other apps and tools designed to make shopping quick and easy.

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Get a new battery

Turn off the power source and disconnect it

The laptop you’re using at this point is fully shut down, and therefore not using any battery power. But to eliminate all sources of the battery from draining during periods of inactivity, you’ve decided to go a step further and do one of two things.

The first option includes setting your computer up to Hibernate rather than Sleep. The second option involves booting into Safe Mode or doing a Hard Reboot which will completely get rid of all programs running on the computer and ultimately turn it back off for good.

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Turn off the power source and disconnect it

Remove the back panel of the laptop

Most laptops require you to remove the back panel in order to replace a battery, however, there are kits that can make that job much easier.

Many of these kits have interchangeable tools for different functions depending on the task at hand and they’re inexpensive, too.

You should always try to use a plastic tool for opening things safely, especially to reduce unnecessary damage or unneeded stress on components.

For example, when prying off a stubborn lid with the use of just a little bit of caution and putting in due effort within one’s own capabilities.

One such kit includes Phillips and flathead screwdrivers as well as a sludger, a plastic wedge that is inserted between two parts to pry them apart when needed; we recommend getting one with both a Philips head and flathead screwdriver as well.

Simply unscrew any metal backplate, if your laptop model has a rubber covering it may not be easy but you will do whatever is necessary in order to remove it.

Insert new battery

The first step in this process is to insert your new replacement battery into the device you are fixing. Next, turn on your computer and follow any given prompts for completing this process.

As soon as your computer reboots, you may need to enter a special code that Windows should provide you with in order to activate the change you made with installing that new battery.

This way everything can run smoothly once it enters back into its normal function without any traces of a problem slowing it down or causing it not to work altogether.

Before setting your laptop back into its original place, make sure to create a small gap between your computer’s base and the rear.

At this point, you can connect the computer to any power source or television monitor using a VGA cable that was provided with the unit.

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Make sure this is attached snugly but not too snugly so as not to damage either processor or display. For a comfortable fit, unscrewed the rubber tips.

Insert new battery

Turn on the laptop and check the Performance

Once you have replaced your battery, you need to follow the steps that you used in reversing the process to get your computer back up and running.

First, reconnect the power wire to your battery and give it a few firm twists to keep it secure without over-tightening it.

Next, test out what should be a working battery by plugging your computer back into an electrical outlet and allowing it to run for at least ten minutes.

If that doesn’t work then try cleaning the pin connection on both ends of the power cord with rubbing alcohol. Be sure to unplug whatever is plugged into your outlet before any manipulation of this kind.

If your computer appears to be working properly, you will want to check out that Battery Report again to see if the Design Capacity has changed.

Similar to if a laptop or phone has a low battery, after replacing the old one with a new one, the Design Capacity won’t start at 100% – but rather something else which is lower than 100% for obvious reasons.

Even so, if it all looks the way you would expect from a device that had it’s older worn-out battery replaced with a newer one with proper specs that’s in good condition then congratulations.

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FAQs Related to How to Replace the Laptop Battery?

Can I replace my own laptop battery?

If your product has a user-serviceable battery that is one you can take out and replace on your own, you can do so with relative ease. If your product doesn’t have any such user-serviceable batteries, it’s best to contact the manufacturer for assistance in getting it changed.

Do laptops still have a removable battery?

Most laptops have internal batteries. These types of batteries are only removable with complicated disassembly procedures, which can be quite difficult, time-consuming, and risky if the teardown is botched. These intricate components like the battery in your laptop must always be handled by a technician who has practiced and perfected their craft in order to avoid any damage to sensitive components.

Can I use the laptop without a battery?

Laptops are made to run on batteries, but you can use them when they’re plugged into an outlet as well as long as the cord is firmly in place. However, if you become distracted and accidentally pull the plug out of the laptop or it becomes loose by even a few centimeters your computer will turn off and possibly damage files and ruin or corrupt your operating system.


A laptop battery provides power to your laptop and makes it possible for you to use this device when there is no power outlet around. In most cases, it is the most important part of the machine, so you need to take care of it.

Laptop batteries are prone to aging, just like all other rechargeable batteries. The more we use them, the more their capacity will degrade. When it comes to replacing laptop batteries, there are many factors involved.

First, we need to know what type of battery to use. Then after taking you to have to power off your laptop and open the back panel of your laptop and insert the new battery in it and close the panel.

Now your battery is replaced with the new one and you can enjoy your activities on the laptop without using the power cord of the laptop. I hope after reading this article you will understand how to replace the laptop battery.  

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