How to Take Screenshot on Chromebook in 2022?

Do you have a Chromebook? if yes, then you would also want to know about different methods of how to take a screenshot on Chromebook? This blog post helps you a lot in this regard.

The process of taking a screenshot on a Chromebook is easy and quick but somehow different than Android. In this modern era, we have a habit of sharing everything with people that’s why we capture the screenshot to share our screen.

There are different methods of taking screenshots on a Chromebook. We can capture the entire screen or just a part of the screen. You must aware of the shortcut keys because some keyboard shortcut keys are used to capture the screen of Chromebook. Different extensions are available on Google Chrome to take the screenshot. These extensions have extensive features. For example, you may record the video and trim them. You may blur and crop the screenshot if it is necessary.

Taking Screenshot by Using Keyboard Buttons

Taking a screenshot is an easy process. You can use this method if you want to take a screenshot of the whole screen. You just have to press the correct keys on your keyboard to get the screenshot of your screen.

Now follow this step by step method to take screenshot of whole screen.

  1. Press and hold down the control key (Ctrl). This key is present on the both left and right sides of the screen.
  2. Now press the Switch window key. This key is present between Fullscreen and Brightness down buttons. This key looks like a rectangle having two lines on the right side. It is present on top of the keyboard. On standard keyboards, the F5 or F8 key is typically used with the Ctrl key to taking a screenshot.
  3. When you press both keys, a thumbnail of the screenshot will be displayed on the bottom right corner of the screen. The notification of this thumbnail will appear on the taskbar.
  4. When you click on the thumbnail, your download folder will open. In this folder, you can see your screenshot.
  5. You can also see a screenshot by clicking on the File folder and then select Images or Download. This folder is blue in color and it appears on the taskbar.
  6. Screenshots are shown in this folder according to the time and date.
  7. These screenshots are only shown in this device. It does not appear in Google Drive. 

How to Capture the Specific Part of the Screen?

Sometimes you want to capture the certain part of the screen. you may take a full screenshot and then edit it to get the specific part. But now you can also capture the partial screen of the Chromebook by using keyboard keys.

This step by step guide will help you in this regard,

  1. Press and hold the Ctrl and Shift keys simultaneously, and then press the Switch Window button.
  2. Your Chromebook screen will be dim for a second and your cursor will change into a crosshair.
  3. Now start from the one corner of the capture area by using a crosshair. Now hold down on the mouse button.
  4. Drag the mouse to the last part of the screen that you want to capture. When you release the mouse, a box will be created.
  5. This screenshot will save in the same Downloads folder where full screenshots are saved.

If you want to use the external keyboard with your Chromebook. then you have to press Ctrl + Shift +F5.

How to Take Screenshot When Chromebook is in Tablet Mode?

When Chromebook is in tablet mode, keyboard is not activated. That’s why keyboard buttons are not used when you want to take screenshot on tablet mode. Taking screenshot on this mode is also very easy and simple.

Follow this step by step guide to take a screenshot when Chromebook is in tablet mode,

  1. You have to press the two buttons at the same time.
  2. The first one is the power button and the second one is the volume down button.
  3. If you press the above-mentioned buttons simultaneously, then a screenshot will be taken.
  4. In tablet mode, the screenshot of the entire screen is taken.
  5. If you want to send the specific part to some person, then you may crop them because there is no option to capture the specific part when Chromebook is in tablet mode.

How to Take a Screenshot of Whole Screen by Using Stylus?

The stylus is available for the Pixelbook pen, Pixelbook, and Samsung Chromebook Plus. A lot of additional options are available for these Chromebook.

Follow this method to take a screenshot of whole screen by using stylus,

  1. By using a stylus pen, click on the stylus tools that appear on the right lower corner of the screen.
  2. Different options will appear inside the stylus menu, you have to touch the capture screen by using a stylus pen.
  3. In this way, your screen is captured.

How to Capture the Specific Part of Screen by using Stylus?

If you want to capture the specific part of the screen then follow these steps,

  1. Tap the Stylus Tool.
  2. Different options will appear inside the menu.
  3. Tap the option of the Capture Region by using a stylus pen.
  4. Now touch the starting point by using a stylus.
  5. Now hold and drag the stylus to the last point.
  6. A box will be created, now release the box to get your screenshot done.

How to Copy Screenshot Taken on Chromebook?

To copy screenshot on Chromebook is very easy and simple. Sometime, we copy the screenshot and then paste it in different location.

Here are the two ways to copy the screenshot on Chromebook,

  1. When your screenshot is taken, a notification above the system clock appears on the screen. On the bottom of this notification, there is an option of a copy to Clipboard. Just click on this option and press Ctrl + V when we want to paste it somewhere.
  2. The other method is also very simple and quick. Open the download or image folder where your screenshots are available. Now click on the desired screenshot and press Ctrl + C. It will be copied to your clipboard. If you want to paste it on the Desktop screen then press Ctrl + V.

How to Edit Screenshot on Chromebook?

The captured screenshots are edited by build in editor. After editing you may share the screenshot with your friends.

Follow these steps to edit the screenshot on Chromebook,

  1. Open the File folder icon and then select Downloads or Images. This folder appears on the taskbar.
  2. To open the screenshot in the image viewer, double click on it.
  3. On the top right corner of the screen, different options to edit the screenshot is available.
  4. Click on the pen to edit your screenshot.
  5. The different editing options will appear on the bottom of the screen.
  6. You may crop and rotate the image by using different editing tools.
  7. You may adjust the brightness to set your screenshot.
  8. When you are done with editing, click on the pen to finalize your screenshot.
  9. After this, your edited image will be saved in your folder.

Use External Keyboard with Chromebook

If you are using an external keyboard with Chromebook, then you have to use the standard function keys to take a screenshot. You have to press the Ctrl + F5 to take a full screenshot on Chromebook while using external keyboards. To capture the specific part of the screen, you have to press Ctrl + Shift + F5.

How to Take Screenshot by using Chrome Extension?

There are different extensions available on Google chrome which provides a huge range of functions. You can install these extensions and get more capturing abilities.

The different chrome extensions include,


By using this extension, you can capture the whole and partial screenshot. You may edit these screenshots and send these directly to Gmail and OneNote. It captures the entire page without taking multiple screenshots.


This chrome extension is also use to take a screenshot. Hold and drag the screen from one corner to the other corner and release. The screenshot will be done. You can edit this screenshot and send it to the Gmail or iCloud. This app is so famous as they are used for many purposes.

Awesome Screenshot

It is the most powerful tool. By using this tool, you can capture the screen and you may capture the video. You may blur and edit the images by using different editing options available in this extension.

Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder 

You can take the screenshot of the whole and partial screen by using this chrome extension. Different editing options are also available. You may crop the images. You may record the video from the screen and may trim and edit the video by using different editing options.

This extension is useful to capture the full and partial screen. Editing options are also available.

These above-mentioned extensions are free to use. If you want to take screenshot on regular basis then these extensions are useful. Because this is a quick way to capture the screenshot.


To sum up the discussion, I would like to say that taking a screenshot is a simple, easy and quick process. A screenshot is taken to share the screen. For example, the conversation of a person, high scores of games, and many other things. In this article, we discussed how to capture the screenshot on Chromebook.

So, the method of capturing a screenshot on the Chromebook is somehow different than android. We use different keyboard keys to capture the screenshot. By using these shortcuts keys, you can capture the entire screen or a specific part of the screen. We use different methods to capture the screenshot on Chromebook.

We can also capture the screenshot by using physical buttons when Chromebook is in tablet mode. A screenshot is also taken by using a stylus pen. Sometimes we want to capture the specific part of the screen. To fulfill this condition, you have to crop the picture. By using a stylus pen, you can capture the specific part of the screen.

You may copy the screenshot that is taken on Chromebook and may paste it on the desired location. You may edit the screenshot by using different editing tools. You may install different chrome extension to get more capturing abilities.

 I hope that the provided information proves useful to you and helps you to understand how to take a Screenshot on Chromebook?


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