How to Set up Voicemail on Samsung?

Voicemail is one of the most common communication tools used today. Whether you are a business owner or an average Joe, chances are that at some point you will need to set up voicemail on your phone.

There are many ways to do this and, in this article, we’ll go over the steps for setting up voicemail on a Samsung. If you’re a new Samsung user, or if you just want to change up your voicemail settings, this blog post will show you how.

All of the information is laid out in an easy-to-follow format so that even someone with no phone experience can read through it without any trouble whatsoever.

You’ll be on your way to setting up and using voicemail in no time. So let us discuss how to set up voicemail on Samsung?

Set up Voicemail on your Different Android Devices Including, Oppo, Samsung and Others

Here is the step-by-step guide that helps you to understand how to set up voicemail.

  1. Find the Voicemail settings on your Android phone. It might be called Settings or voicemail setup, and you may have to search for it using keywords ‘voicemail setup’ or via browsing manually through all of your phone’s different sections. A simple way is to type in ‘Voicemail settings’ into an internet browser’s search bar.
  2. When you get there, click on the carrier under Voicemail service. Some carriers don’t offer free voice messaging services like Google Voice while others do allow access to these features.
  3. Select the phone number you want your voicemails to reach and type in that number. A popup menu will appear on the screen saying ‘voicemail has been changed’.
  4. You have to Click OK. Now you have to open the dialer app and dial *1*. Your device should call a message service of the carrier you selected while setting up voicemail for this number.
  5. When a call comes in, your voice command will give you either the PIN or password to enter. Enter it and then record what people hear when they are calling but you aren’t picking up by speaking clearly into the phone. You can choose from default greetings (such as “Hi”) or make one of your own via recording yourself saying something else that is more interesting than “Hello”.

In order to finish setting up voicemail on your, Samsung does follow the below-mentioned steps Follow the instructions given by voice commands carefully and then continue with this process until it is fully completed.

Guidline of How to Set up Voicemail on Samsung?

Here is the step-by-step guide that actually helps you in this regard.

  • Enter the Phone app. If you do not see a numeric keypad, tap “Keypad” at the bottom of your screen.
  • Hold down number 1 and follow along with what happens next in order to call voicemail without having to listen through all options first.
  • Next up is accessing voice mail settings: press 3 and go from there. You can record new greetings by pressing 2 after listening for new instructions (note that this varies between phone systems).
  • Once done recording say goodbye by pressing # or end it early using *.
  • Record as many different greeting tracks as desired before moving forward with saving them; then choose one number track saved previously.

How to Set up Voicemail using Visual Voicemail App?

Visual voicemail apps come pre-installed on most smartphones and can be used to record a new, personalized greeting. To do this for T-Mobile Visual Voicemail:

  1. Go to the three dots at the top right of your screen.
  2. Select settings from this menu.
  3. In the Greetings & Pin section tap the default greeting then hit “record” in order to begin recording a new message.

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Troubleshooting Tips

If your phone isn’t working, a common solution is to power it off and remove the battery is removable. Wait 5-10 minutes before replacing both of these things than turning on the device again.

Many times, this will fix any issues with devices not connecting or displaying properly when powered back on. If you purchased your phone.

It comes with a depth user manual for information about all available features that are specific to each model so be sure to check out those manuals as well.

FAQs Related to the Topic

How I can activate my voicemail?

The path for accessing voicemail settings on your phone can vary depending on the type of device you have. If it’s an iPhone, tap to Call Settings and select Voicemail from there. You may need to do some searching if this doesn’t work or go directly into the Phone section in order to find manually access these options under various names like ‘Voicemail Setup’ or ‘Settings’.

Why can’t I get my voicemail on my Samsung phone?

You might have to update your carrier’s voicemail settings if you’re having trouble with receiving calls. Other than that, make sure the number is set up correctly and call it using another phone or landline.
If there are issues here too, try turning off Voicemail temporarily while trying other ways of contacting people such as emailing them instead.
There are many other factors that can cause a message retrieval issue such as issues with data connection or WiFi connectivity, third-party apps running on your device, and even an operating system malfunction which could prevent proper messaging delivery if configured improperly.

Does Samsung have a voicemail app?

The pre-installed Samsung Visual Voicemail app notifies you when someone leaves a voicemail on your phone. You can access the messages easily by using this free service from T-mobile, Verizon Wireless, or AT&T.


The voicemail on your Samsung Galaxy phone is a great way to get in touch with someone, even when you can’t find their number. It’s important to set up the voicemail so that it works as intended otherwise people might not be able to leave messages for you.

Here we will discuss some of the ways that work best for setting up your Voicemail on Samsung phones. I hope this article has helped you to understand that how to set up voicemail on Samsung phone.

If not, please let me know. And if it did help, don’t forget to share the article with anyone who might need a little guidance setting up their own voicemail. After all, knowledge is power and we should be doing what we can to empower those around us.

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