Ultimate Guide: How to use a Galaxy Watch?

Do you have a galaxy watch? If so, then you definitely want to know how to use a Galaxy watch in a proper way.

The galaxy watch is a smartwatch. It can analyze your exercise patterns, allows you to use a variety of convenient apps for playing music and making phone calls, managing your health, etc.

You can access the convenient features quickly and easily, by rotating the bezel. To access all the useful features,  you need to pair them with your mobile phone.

You can do it using a Galaxy Wearable app. It may surprise you that Samsung has made a name in the smartwatch market and industry.

It’s a line of Samsung Galaxy Smartwatches, it can be easily paired with and support both Android and iPhone. They are dependable and filled to the brim with both neat software and hardware features.

However, if you have one of these watches, there’s a chance that you would not be using this device to its full potential. Under the surface, these wearables packs have a lot of lesser-known abilities.

Samsung Galaxy Watch is the latest generation of the wearable generation. Once your galaxy watch is set up you can receive notifications, play games, track your work out and much more.

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Read below to set up your Galaxy watch so you can use it to its full potential.

Set up your Galaxy Watch

For using your galaxy watch full to its potential, first, you need to set up your watch completely. After setting up your watch completely you can easily use your watch.

Set up your Galaxy Watch.
Set up your Galaxy Watch.

Here’s how to use a Galaxy Watch by setting up. Follow the given instructions to set up your watch :

Charge your device

The first step after unboxing your watch is to charge your device using the wireless chairing dock, that comes with it.

When the LED indicator is red, it means that watch is charging. When the indicator turns green, it means that the watch is completely charged. The watch comes half charged.

Lock your Watch

You can optionally set a lock for your watch. It is not compulsory to lock your device. But, if you want to do so then here’s how you do it:

rotate the watch bezel to left or right then tap on the Settings Icon, security, select Lock screen, choose the lock type, you can either lock it with a pattern or a pin or none, select none in case your mind changes or you just want to remove the lock.

Pairing with a Mobile Phone

Pairing with a Mobile Phone.
Pairing with a Mobile Phone.

As you know, the best part of galaxy watches is that you can pair them with both Android and iPhone.

To pair it with Android phones, you will have to install Samsung Wearable App, which is available for Android 5.0 Lollipop or later.

To pair it with your iPhone, you will have to install Galaxy Wear App, which is available for IOS 9.0 and up.

You will need to follow the given steps on both Android and iPhone to pair it with your Galaxy Watch. Here are the steps :

  1. After installation, launch the app on your phone.
  2. Choose your watch model.
  3. Tap Allow, to grant the necessary permissions.
  4. A Bluetooth pairing request will appear on the screen, select your device when it is detected.
  5. When you have been successfully paired with your device, a tutorial video will be played on your watch to make it aware of all its features.

Downloading Apps For Galaxy Watch

Go to the Galaxy Apps or the Play Store or download the Galaxy Watch Apps by rotating the bezel left or right. You will find the following preloaded apps on your watch.

  1. Smart Things: This app is used to control your smart home devices with the help of your watch or using your watch.
  2. Samsung Health: This app is used to log your workout sta and other health-related data you’re watching.
  3. Bixby: This app is used to use your Samsung’s Virtual Assistant in your watch.

Downloading Apps For Galaxy Watch

Use your Galaxy Watch

Now your watch is completely set up, it’s time to use your watch to its complete potential. Here’s how you will use your watch?

Rotate the watch bezel to the left or right to navigate screens, select apps, or view notifications. You can also swipe the screen to see notifications, to see Quick Panel, or to navigate screens.

To reject or answer a phone call, swipe the screen or rotate the bezel. Swipe up and tap on the Decline Message to send the caller to send a voice mail or a present text message.

When you get a text message rotate the bezel or swipe up to give a quick response. Tap on edit responses to give a custom message.

Use your Galaxy Watch

How to find your Galaxy Watch if it lost?

Here’s the fun fact about your Samsung Galaxy Watch that you can find your watch using your mobile phone. On your Mobile Phone go to Galaxy Wearable App, Open the Settings of the App, Choose to find my watch, and then start.

Then you can simply locate your Galaxy Watch using your Mobile Phone. Another fun fact about this Galaxy Watch is that you can find your phone using your watch.

Find and then tap on the find my phone icon. Now simply start the process. Now you can locate your phone using your Galaxy watch.

How to find your Galaxy Watch if it lost?

Using your Galaxy Watch without a Mobile Phone

It’s not really possible that you don’t have a mobile phone, but if you really don’t have a mobile phone, you can still use your Galaxy Watch as itself. You can still use your watch as a solo.

Here’s how you use a Galaxy Watch without a Smartphone:

When you watch power on for the first time, swipe up and then tap on the question mark icon. On the next screen swipe and tap there.

  • Once the app opens, tap continues and then you have to agree to the different policies. Now follow the guide to set up your watch without a Mobile Phone.
  • When this process is started, they will ask you to promote a set-up mobile data plan. You can set up of your are already have one, then scroll down and select I already have this service, then tap on Next.
  • If you do t have this service, and you wish to have one and you want to learn more about the one then you have to contact your mobile carrier.
  • If you don’t want to have one, then you can singly skip the step and continue setting up your device.

After it’s completely set up, you can use your Galaxy Watch, without a Mobile phone.

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In this article, I have explained to you in detail that how to use a Galaxy Watch. For using your galaxy watch to its complete potential, first, you will need to set up your device completely.

I have stated above in detail how you can set up your Galaxy watch. After the complete setup process, I have told you how you can use your Galaxy Watch.

One feature of a Galaxy Watch is that you can find your watch using your mobile phone and you can find your phone using your watch. At last, I have shared with you, how you can use your watch without a mobile phone.

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