Temple Run 2 Mod APK (Unlimited Money) 1.89.0 Version

Temple Run 2 happens to be a game that has endless run gameplay, and the storyline is quite similar to Subway Surfer.

However, unlike the latter, this game actually has a plot that revolves around antiquity found in the jungle!

This is kind of what makes Temple Run much different from Subway Surfer because you don’t have to rely on your energy as it respawns after every death.

Another difference would also be that in Temple Run there’s always a giant monster chasing you which increases its difficulty rate considerably!

But between all these other endless runner games, it seems like Temple Run 2 Mod APK is my favorite. Jump into the endless adventure of Temple Run, where you’ll experience fast-paced running unlike anything else!

Explore this mysterious forest to discover an ancient temple, and if you dare, enter a sacred tomb that houses a fabulous treasure.

But be careful; hidden within the temple are tons of obstacles waiting to make your escape mission more difficult than you could’ve imagined. These are all aspects of this game.

App Name Temple Run 2
DeveloperImangi Studios
Size117 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
Get it OnGoogle Play
Updated2 days ago

How to Paly?

Temple Run 2 is a colorful and joyful game. The characters in the game are fun to watch as they move about their environment in Temple Run 2.

When you start playing the game, you think it’s going to be just another run-of-the-mill simulator: You control your characters with swipes and jump obstacles on cliffs and zip lines.

However, once you begin playing, you realize how different it is: There are monsters throughout the game that are out to get your characters.

Another unique aspect of Temple Run 2 is that instead of being forced to look at the ground or character all of the time, there is also a bird’s eye view of the world every so often (just before jumping off a cliff for example).

These wide-angle shots help take some attention away from leaping over death traps! Some may say that this added level of detail makes little difference.

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Unlock new Characters & Upgrade Attributes

The money you earn in the game will be used to unlock your favorites. The game has lots of cool characters which are constantly being added upon in its updates.

In the latest version, you can get your hands on Usain Bolt – the “striking steel”! To try and catch up with him, a big gorilla would be extremely hard!

In this cool game, you earn coins and gems with which you can upgrade your characters’ capabilities. Every character has certain attributes that directly or indirectly affect the way they interact with one another in combat.

With these attributes, each one has five levels; if you use gold coins or diamonds to upgrade them then this will influence how strong their attacks and defenses are respectively. We’re sure you’d love it!

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Temple Run 2 is perfect for those of you looking for a more visually stimulating experience. In addition to enhancing the graphics, the developers of this version also decided to boost the audio portion as well.

The graphics in Temple Run 2 have been upgraded a lot compared to the first version. In addition, the sound is also impressive. You will feel your heart pounding when you hear the gorilla behind you.

You can play and unlock new regions including Sky Summit, Pirate Cove, Blazing Sands, Lost Jungle, Spirits Cove, Frozen Shadows, and Holi Festival.


Temple Run 2 offers a really cool new way for you to enjoy playing the game thanks to all the different modes it has.

We want you to be aware that each mode represents an alternate path and helps us get further into the game. In the first path, it has Brimstone Sands.

This area is set up like a tunnel with its green emerald gems making up the fiery eyes of a snake drawing your attention to it as you go down through the middle of this bright forest.

The valley shape here looks more like a sack being closed with a drawstring than anything else, so our minds try imagining what’s inside it!

Another place is called Sky Summit and gives off the feeling of exploring an entirely new world while still on your journey.

As we run across this sky-high pathway, we can feel just how awesome discovering this unique world truly makes us feel and how okay we are when we move towards success on our way!


It is an incredibly exciting game, but you need to make sure you have a shield on hand to protect you from the dangers that are in it and also make sure that you collect every coin there because coins are essential if you want to win.

There’s also a boost function but as long as you play intelligently and don’t get distracted by all of the stuff they throw at you while playing then you should be fine.

Temple Run 2 has a coin system – and while it’s relatively easy to earn coins in the game, there are also power-ups that can be purchased or earned through special quests.

However, these coins cannot be used to purchase some other items that are needed to progress: For example, an artifact like the Magnet will pull all coins towards you, making skillful use of your boosts (or even regular jumps) much easier.


Temple Run features a plethora of wide-ranging and diverse characters. The game will interpret each of these characters in very specific functions.

Mrs. Claus, Bruce Lee, Maria Selvaggia, Scarlett Fox, Karma Lee, Barry Bonus, Guy Dangerous, Zack Wonder, Sir Montague, Montana Smith, Francisco Montoya, and Imhotep are just some of the awesome characters that players can select before launching the game with Temple Run 2 Mod Apk.

These awesome people were chosen for this game because they excel in each activity. All of them possess true identity and brought it into a game which will be played as a character by all people getting indulged in this virtual world.


In this game, runners can track their distance as well as their times with various weapons and tools that inspire creativity in artwork or in songs.

The narrow paths and bridges which the cobblestones beneath reveal originality to its usage by people of our culture which differentiates it from others.

One will run through the road that travels through the forest with trees standing at many versions of density.

Characters will have an open hand to hold a single ragdoll, holding their hands out to make sure they knock over boulders that may be in their way.

Each woodland path reveals that our imagination can inspire unity within ourselves while we explore the creativity of this game, choosing different options throughout each day until we feel completely immersed within the game!

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FAQs Related to Temple Run 2 Mod APK

How do you get unlimited gems in Temple Run 2?

Doing this is easy; all you have to do is copy-paste a few new lines into your file explorer code and restart the file explorer.
You can download the extended Google play service in the Play store which allows your Temple Run 2 app to access unlimited coins, gems, powers, etc.

Is Temple Run 1 or 2 better?

Temple Run was built by a small indie team with limited resources and the title didn’t put up any great sales numbers. But they got noticed, which in the end was one of the goals.
Then their publisher wanted to see if they could strike lightning twice so it’s worth noting just how much Temple Run 2 improves upon what its predecessor accomplished.
The game keeps what worked so well in its first outing and fine-tunes it here, with a brighter look, more colorful levels, and exciting new playable characters that really bring the sights of this wildly imaginative world to life on your mobile device.

Where is Temple Run made?

The game designers of Temple Run are an adorable couple – Keith Shepherd and Natalia Lukyanova. Their team is based in Washington, DC, and also includes fellow producer Kiril Tchangov who created the visuals for such an interesting and entertaining fast-moving 3-D gaming activity.

Download Temple Run 2

Overall, this guide has covered every detail of Temple Run 2 MOD APK. This is a fabulous game for children and adults young people.

From its original version, you have seen limited features. In this second version, you will be able to see the new legendary features before anyone else!

It is worth noting that with the latest MOD version of this game, players will be able to enjoy endless meters without any restrictions on collecting coins and gems.

Download or activate the latest MOD version.

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