Top 6 Feature to Consider While Buying a Gaming TV

When you have to buy a TV to watch movies, talk shows, and different streaming services, a 65 inch TV with HDR 4k resolution is suitable for meeting your demands.

However, gaming TV demands various other factors to consider before buying. Aside from the screen size and resolution, you will have to check latency, refresh rate, OLED/QLED, and video inputs while buying a TV for gaming quench. Let’s check all the possible factors of the Top 6 Feature to Consider While Buying a Gaming TV.

What to Look for in a Gaming Tv?

With technological advancement, there are various technical and confusing terms that may spin your head. However, by reading this article, all the techy-terms will be understood easily. Let’s start with the TV screen size.

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Screen Size

Nowadays, LG and Samsung have started to manufacture giant size TVs which are measured almost 80” inches. While choosing the size of a TV, you will have to measure the dimensions of your room, in which you want to sit and play video games.

For example, you want to buy a 65 inch TV for gaming; your room should be large enough that you can sit almost 9 feet away from the screen. Sitting too close to a large screen TV can suffer you from eye-strain problems.


For many years, HD has been considered the standard resolution for TVs. However, the resolution is defined in UHD and 4k. All the advanced smart TVs come with 4k resolution.

The picture quality of 4k smart TV is almost four times more than an HD TV.

The battle of resolution doesn’t end here. Nowadays, most TVs come with HDR quality. HDR quality renders great detailing, high contrast ratios, and a saturated color scheme which provides a lifelike image quality.

TV resolution gets more important when you are buying a big-screen TV. Below 45” inch TV, the human eye hardly feels the difference between HD and 4K resolution.

So, if you want to enjoy the gaming journey more, choose the TV resolution wisely.

Latency Rate

Latency rate is one of the most important factors to consider while purchasing a gaming TV. It won’t be wrong to say that an enthusiastic gamer should pay more attention to lag (latency rate) than resolution and size.

In fact, latency rate is the total time taken by TV to display the picture onscreen. So, a TV that takes less time to display pictures onscreen will be the best for gaming freaks. The idle latency rate of a 4k HDR TV should be under 30ms.

Refresh Rate

For many gamers, refresh rate isn’t an important factor to consider. However, many think that a high refresh rate will be great for fast-moving objects in a game.

A higher refresh rate renders the crisp and clear image. On the other hand, a TV with a low refresh rate is supposed to deliver a blurred image.

Hence, either you want to play car racing games or plan to buy a TV for watching sports, a TV with a higher refresh rate is preferable.

The idle refresh rate for gamers is 120FPS. However, a TV with 60FPS can also be suitable for many games.


Choosing between OLED Vs. QLED is quite a subjective chapter. Both types of TVs use the latest technology to enhance the resolution and image quality. OLED and QLED have nothing to do with video games.

Nevertheless, many gamers want to prefer QLED TVs for gaming because of the higher refresh rate. However, if you want to enjoy the lifelike graphics of the game, OLED will be perfect for you.

Video Input Ports

Without discussing input ports, it seems that the gaming TV buying analysis can’t be completed. Hence, you need to check the available HDMI ports for a game console; thereby, you can enjoy video games.

Please keep in mind that a TV with extra HDMI ports is always preferred. In fact, extra HDMI ports make the TV future-proof.


Although we have discussed several features of a gaming TV; however, latency rate and refresh rate are the most important factors to consider for playing video games.

On the other hand, big screen size and HDR 4k resolution multiply the fun of playing games on TVs. If you have any other related questions, please do ask in the comment section. I hope you will understand that of the Top 6 Feature to Consider While Buying a Gaming TV.

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