What does Clear Cache mean on Snapchat?

Snapchat might be the fastest growing app in the market today, but that doesn’t mean that it’s user-friendly.

There are a lot of aspects that confuse users and one of them is the cache. On the left side of your new Snapchat interface, there is a new button that says clear cache. The question is what does clear cache mean on Snapchat?

Caches basically store files that the app thinks you frequently use so that it doesn’t have to download resources every time you use them.

This is what allows you to use your favorite filters even when you’re offline. Clearing the cache for Snapchat, or any app can help to free up space and even improve the experience when performance issues surface.

This blog will try to understand what is clear cache means on Snapchat and how it can help you.

Guideline of What does Clear Cache mean on Snapchat?

In order to optimize your specific user experience over time, some programs save “cached” copies of their data on their servers.

Information from regularly visited websites, for example, will be stored in a folder connected with the application so that you can load those pages more quickly and, as a consequence, have a more delightful user experience.

Certain sorts of data stored on your mobile device will be removed if you choose to clean the cache option on Snapchat.

Caching involves deleting some of the app’s least important data, which will make Snapchat work more smoothly as a result of the clearing process.

The following is how to clear your Snapchat cache:

  • Launch the Snapchat
  • To access your profile, click on your Bitmoji in the upper left corner.
  • To access the Settings menu, click on the cogwheel in the upper right corner.
  • Select Clear Cache from the Account Actions menu and then press on it.
  • On iOS, select Clear All (or Continue) from the drop-down menu (on Android).

Guideline of What does Clear Cache mean on Snapchat

You’ll see a warning message after selecting the option to remove your cache, which will state, in part, “All of your caches will be cleared.” “Your backup of Memories will not be erased.”

In addition to providing this option directly within the program, both Android and iOS platforms also feature the ability to clear the cache through their respective operating system’s configuration settings menu.

Users of Android and iOS devices can execute a cache clearance for any app, similar to how it works with Snapchat, in order to help free up space on their devices.

When an application is experiencing performance issues, deleting the cache can sometimes be beneficial in resolving the problem.

In the Apps area of the settings menu, whether you are using an Android or an iOS device and whether you are using Snapchat or any other app, the option to clear cache will always be available.

Don’t be concerned about losing access to any critical information. When you clear the cache, all of your saved images, videos, chats, and memories are still available to you.

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In contrast, deleting files such as thumbnail previews and other non-essential data will occur if you choose to clear the cache.

If the software requires any of that data in the future, it will simply download it from the server again.

If Snapchat is running slowly or if you are seeing indications that your disc is full, you should delete the cache on your device.

Under typical circumstances, the ephemeral messaging app can rapidly use a gigabyte of storage space, or even more if you store photographs and videos on a regular basis.

Clearing the cache on your phone is the most effective method of freeing up space and ensuring that everything runs smoothly.


What is kept in the Snapchat Cache?

As previously noted, the cache keeps files that the software believes you will use frequently.

You should clear the cache on your device if you have not done so in a long time because it is likely taking up a large amount of space in the device’s memory.

For example, if you save a snap, Snapchat maintains a cache of that snap as well, allowing you to load it up later without relying on your internet connection to do so.

Lenses are subjected to the same problems. If you frequently use a certain lens, Snapchat will preserve it in the cache so that you may access it later, even if you do not have an active internet connection at the time.

Memories, stickers, and anecdotes are just a few of the things that are preserved in the cache.

While the Android app allows you to clear the full cache at once, the iOS app allows you to select which caches you wish to remove one at a time.

When your device’s storage becomes limited and you don’t mind waiting a few seconds for your snaps or filters to load the next time you open Snapchat, emptying your cache can actually be a really effective approach to free up some space.

What is kept in the Snapchat Cache

Here’s a comprehensive list of everything Snapchat saves in its cache.

  • Stories: This section contains story thumbnails, stories that have been recently seen, and other story-related information.
  • Lenses: All of your lenses and filters are saved in this folder.
  • Discover: This feature saves recently loaded or viewed content. Find out what information is available.
  • Memories: This feature saves the memories that have been recently viewed as well as related data.
  • Browser: This feature allows you to save any web pages you have recently visited within the program.

What happens when you Clear Cache?

For starters, any snaps or chats that you’ve saved will not be destroyed as part of this process.

However, if you erase the entire cache, the app will have to fetch resources from the internet on a regular basis, which may result in longer loading times for you.

You will have to wait for that particular item if you are using the iOS app because, depending on whatever cache you clear, the app will fetch the same data when you request it again and you will have to wait for that particular item if you are using the iOS app.

In the case of clearing your lenses cache, you’ll have to wait for your lenses to be re-downloaded before you can use them once they’ve been downloaded.

This implies that the next time you want to access that particular resource, you’ll also need to ensure that your internet connection is up and running.

What happens when you Clear Cache

FAQs Related to the Topic

Does clear cache on Snapchat delete conversations?

That’s a really basic procedure, and don’t worry, it won’t erase any of your saved Memories, Snaps, or Chats. Scroll down and select ‘Clear Cache’ from the drop-down menu.

What is the difference between clear data and clear cache?

Clear cache: This function removes temporary data from the system. Some applications may launch more slowly the next time you use them.

Clear data storage: This function deletes all app data permanently. We recommend that you first try to delete from within the program itself.


Snapchat is one of the apps that is loved by teenagers. Lately, it has gained immense popularity among people all over the world.

Recently it has introduced a feature where users can clear the cache of their Snapchat.

That’s why some people are curious about this feature so this blog will help them to understand what does clear cache mean on Snapchat.

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