Why does my HP Laptop Keep Disconnecting from WiFi?

Most of the time while working online, we need to be connected to the internet whether it is for editing the website or uploading a video on video-sharing websites.

But we cannot reach that connection due to the poor signal or no signal at all. With the increasing number of people buying an HP laptop for their business, most of them are facing the problem of their laptops not connecting to Wi-Fi even after setting up the Wi-Fi connection.

Having a laptop that keeps disconnecting from WiFi is extremely annoying and it can be caused by a number of different issues, but the first thing you need to do is to identify what is causing the problem so that you can fix it. So, let us discuss Why does my hp laptop keep disconnecting from WiFi.

Ways to Fix the Disconnection Laptop from WiFi

A lot of people rely on laptops for day-to-day jobs, whether that be for entertainment or business reasons.

However, we all know that laptops are a tad bit delicate, and it’s not uncommon to have connectivity issues while connecting them to the internet.

So, if you own an HP laptop, then you might be in need of ways to deal with said connectivity issues; but don’t worry because this article will provide anyone who owns an HP laptop with some of the most basic ways in which they can troubleshoot the issue. Let’s take a look at those now.

Check Network Properties Settings

Most users are unaware that many laptops turn off Wi-Fi to preserve battery life. Fortunately, you can easily access your laptop’s Wi-Fi settings, and find and disable this feature.

  • Go to the Device Manager and click on Network Adapters under Wired Ethernet Connection or Wireless LAN Adapter.
  • Right-click on the name of your adapter, and choose Properties.
  • Then go to the Power Management tab, and uncheck the option “Allow the Computer To Turn Off This Device to Save Power.”

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Check Internet Issue

Another potential reason for disconnection is an issue with internet connectivity. To help pinpoint this issue, you’ll want to run an Internet speed test. You can test the speed of your service on different devices as well.

If you notice certain devices having trouble accessing the web while others continue to enjoy fast browsing experiences, this would suggest that there’s a problem specifically related to the connection between your modem and/or router and your ISP.

There are hardware solutions that may be required here in order to boost the overall performance of your internet-connected device.

So if you suspect there’s a technical malfunction occurring between these two pieces of equipment feel free and contact Synergy for support with any issues you’re experiencing related to slow loading times.

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Update the Drivers

You will need the appropriate driver files in order for Wi-Fi to work properly on your laptop. Many laptops come with Windows-designed drivers, but these could have been corrupted and you might be out of luck just connecting to an open Wi-Fi network.

The best way to find out is to try and see what happens when you download the latest driver files from your browser that are supported by your laptop. Restart your PC afterward and then test again with a new network connection.

Access Wifi Settings

Another thing you will try is to access your Wi-Fi settings. Go to your Wi-Fi settings on your device using your browser. This will allow you to access the router’s settings, which is where most of these things are configured.

If the brand of your router isn’t listed there, they should have a website where all their firmware updates and instructions are hosted. There may be instructions on where to find out what Wi-Fi configuration your router is using.

The important part here is that it is 5GHz or 2.4 GHz since 5Ghz typically has less interference but some devices may not work with it depending on brand and hardware for example.

At 2.4 GHz, interference may happen if another recent homeowner nearby happens to be running an experiment in-home Wi-Fi generation which could potentially cause interference issues so make sure there aren’t too many neighbors who got their hands on the same routers as you.

Disable some Power Settings

You might also have to check if your laptop battery settings are configured correctly. Many laptop users feel that their Wi-Fi and Bluetooth settings are messing around with the connectivity of their laptops in an attempt to save battery.

If this is the case, then we recommend you disable power-saving mode or any other setting related to conserving or avoiding the use of power on your laptop for several hours.

You can also disable hybrid sleep mode by making sure it’s switched off. Besides this, change the action for your lid so that it does not close when you close it.

FAQs Related Why does my HP Laptop Keep Disconnecting from WiFi?

Why does my WiFi keep disconnecting on my laptop Windows 10?

Having a slow internet connection can be totally frustrating. Poor WiFi settings are often to blame for connection issues.
Some users have reported having problems staying connected to the internet when their home network was set to Public.
This is due to IP conflict. Just click on the Network & Internet icon in the system tray, select Advanced Options from the Settings section in your network properties, and then set your home network options to either Home or Work.

Why is my HP laptop not staying connected to WiFi?

First of all, update to current official drivers before making any changes. You have to right-click on the Start button and select Device Manager. Ensure that your machine is not listed under the Other devices section.
If it is, open the Services tab of system properties and then stop the ‘Microsoft’ service. Now proceed to restart Windows in ‘Safe mode with networking. Then open up internet explorer and check for the updated wireless driver using HP support assistant.

Where is the wireless switch on an HP laptop?

Most HP laptops come with a wireless switch near the location of the power button. If your wireless switch is not located on the side or front of your computer, it may be above the keyboard or just underneath one of the function keys that you would use to adjust the volume or pause your music while listening to Spotify.

Which function key turns on WIFI?

Another helpful tip for enabling WiFi is to make sure to check the screen on your computer to ensure that it’s set to “Enable.”
If you are using a laptop, you can lock the screen with either a power button such as the Dell Inspiron 17 or by pressing “Fn” and one of your Function Keys (let’s say, F5). Doing this will strangely help you turn on WiFi.


Hp laptops are considered to be the best laptops and most people prefer using Hp laptops. A common problem with laptops is that it keeps disconnecting from the wireless router.

This can be incredibly frustrating as you sit there, wondering why it keeps happening. Even worse, you might be trying to watch the latest episode of your favorite Netflix show or finish that important work project, and this disconnection is stopping you from doing so.

There are certain issues that Hp laptop users face while using their laptops. Among all the issues, the issue which is faced by maximum laptop users is that they keep on disconnecting from the wifi network which they are using.

It is very annoying as whenever users disconnect from the wifi network, they need to connect it again so that they can use the internet.

In this blog, I discussed some ways to fix the disconnection of laptops from WiFi. I hope after reading this article you will understand why does my hp laptop keep disconnecting from wifi.

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