Why Does My Camera Lens Shake?

Are you a photographer who always takes photos but see your back camera shakes every time? If you want to know Why is My Back Camera Shaking, give this post a read.

The back camera of smartphones is one of the most important features we use in our phones. The back camera of your phone can be an important addition to your phone.

Over time we use it so extensively we end up noticing its minor defects as well as its working. One of the most common defects noticed is that of shaking.

This blog is about that very issue. Many people wonder why their smartphone’s back camera is shaking. The reason is due to handshake.

It is essential to know the reasons behind the shaking so that you can come up with a solution to the problem. What happens if your back camera is shaking?

How can you figure out Why is My Back Camera Shaking? We will look at the solutions you can use to stop back camera shakes.

Why is My Back Camera Shaking?

Many people have trouble with static causing their iPhone camera to shake. The static accumulates at the top of the phone where the earpiece is located, so it’s vital to always hold your phone horizontally or near an area of the good signal so it won’t create static which can cause a shaking camera.

The iPhone has a sensitivity to its surroundings and can occasionally be affected by interference. We know that this is disruptive to the experience users have with the device when taking photos or videos, but if not dealt with in a timely manner, it can ultimately impact the camera’s stability interrupting your workflow.

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Dirty lenses could very well be the culprit that was affecting your iPhone camera’s ability to take steady shots. However, this is merely a conjecture and it’s important to try other remedies before opening up your device such as manually cleaning out your lens or re-positioning your phone in order to get a better angle.

How to Fix Shaking Camera?

Clean the lens

One thing you absolutely need to be cautious about when it comes to keeping your camera clean is the issue of dust. Every time you go shooting, there’ll always be some amount of tiny particles floating around in the air which then settle on your lens just waiting to scratch up your camera’s sensor.

So it’s incredibly important that you gently wipe off the lens without drawing all this harmful matter directly into it with a microfiber cloth or something similar. By following this practice, you can avoid getting dust stuck inside your lens.

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Change the phone cover

If your iPhone model was released after the iPhone 6s Plus, it has an optical image stabilization (OIS) feature. The OIS uses a small gyroscope to stabilize the lens of your camera so that it can compensate for movements made while taking photos and records videos.

This way, you get images that aren’t blurry and remain clear and crisp. So, what happens when you put on a new case for your iPhone with metal accents or some magnets?

It’s possible that this action may disrupt the functionality of the OIS since metal and magnets are magnetic materials that could interfere with the OIS sensors in your phone.

Change the phone cover

Add magnet to the phone case

Please attach a small magnet to see if the shaking subsides. We previously mentioned that a magnet might interfere with your smartphone’s gyroscope; however, if you were using a gel case, gluing a magnet to it might help repel the shakiness.

Some users have shown that attaching a small magnet under their rear camera has helped remove the trembling. If this doesn’t work for you, we suggest trying other methods discussed within this article.

Although we do not assure you that this will fix your iPhone 6S/6S+ shakiness problem, people have reported similar results and shown that it may be worth a try.

Hard reset or soft reset your phone

We all know the pain of a shaking camera. A simple restart can be one of the most effective measures to solve this type of problem. Whether it be camera issues, software bugs, or even an overall slow speed on your device, a cold restart will make everything better.

iPhone having physical home button

  • Long press the Home button and the sleep/power button at the same time.
  • When you see the Apple logo appear release these buttons then unlock your phone.
  • Launch your camera app again. If the shaking has gone, there is an issue with your camera connected with your device.

iPhone having broken physical button

  • Open your iPhone’s settings.
  • Go to “Accessibility”, and click it several times until the sub-menu slides out.
  • Tap “Restart.” After this, you can reboot your iPhone.
iPhone having broken physical button

Relaunch your camera app

Like other programs on your phone, your phone’s camera can get bogged down by all the other apps you have running at once.

  • Closing it entirely should offload any unnecessary programs so that when you open it back up again it should perform much faster than before
  • Try this trick if your camera always seems to be “shaky” or lagging.
Relaunch your camera app

Reset all settings

This will not delete your files or apps; however, your phone’s system settings will revert to default. Go to Settings> General> Reset Settings> Reset All Settings.


Why does the back camera on my iPhone shake?

The iPhone camera shaking problem may be caused by the inability of the gyroscope to work properly. It might make sense to balance this particular aspect of your phone’s software by using a magnet. This could help combat the issue in a number of ways. For instance, you could glue a magnet onto your phone’s case or even onto the back of your phone where the camera is located.

Why is my back camera on Snapchat shaking?

If the video snaps feature is not working well for you, then there’s likely something different that needs to be done. You can always visit support.snapchat.com for help if you have an iOS device, or search your Android® smartphone® at g.co/android central for information on how to take care of common issues when it comes to recording videos locally.


If your rear camera is shaking or shaking when you make a video, it could be caused by a few things. Most commonly, it could be because of a loose connection.

The camera is connected by a ribbon cable, which is the type of connector commonly found on computers. These connectors are a little fragile and can be easily damaged.

If the cable has come loose, it could be a simple matter of fixing it. Perhaps the cause of your shaking camera is a loose button or poor construction.

You can follow a few different steps to fix this problem, which you can find above. We hope that this blog article has helped you make sense of why is my back camera shaking.

We can all understand how frustrating this issue can be, and we want to provide you with the best information. If you have any further queries regarding this, you can tell us in the comment section.

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