Why is my Keyboard Typing Double Letters?

It is very frustrating when your keyboard starts typing double letters. This is common on Macs and PCs, but it can also happen to people who are using their mobile devices.

If you are experiencing this problem, there are a few things that you can do to fix the issue.

The first thing that you need to do is restart your computer or tablet if they have not been turned off for more than an hour.

You should then go into settings and make sure that your keyboard language has not changed from English QWERTY to another language or input method setting. If the problem persists after these steps, then it might be time for a new keyboard.

Let us discuss in this article that Why is my keyboard typing double letters?

Detect the Cause of the Problem

It’s important to search before you make any change in the hardware or software. If you’re not sure where the problem is coming from, first check whether it could be a software or hardware issue.

Do follow these 2 steps to detect the cause of the problem.

  • If some of the keys on your laptop keyboard aren’t working, try using an external USB keyboard. If they work just fine with that connection then it’s time to investigate any hardware problems going on internally with your computer.

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  • You may check the bios keystrokes are working or not? If not, then the problem could be with your Windows.

Detect the Cause of the Problem

Steps to fix the Keyboard Typing Double Letters

Restart the laptop

Restarting the laptop maybe resolve the problem of keyboard double typing. At times conflict may arise between system drivers and your keyboard, causing multiple letters to be input at a time.

Rebooting is always best if you want to figure out what’s going on with your machine.

Restart the laptop

Update Your Operating System

Don’t let your laptop become an out-of-date, old computer when there is a simple solution. The operating system part of the machine that makes sure all software updates are installed and running smoothly should be updated every once in a while, to keep programs running efficiently.

To update Windows 10 Version, go to settings, then Update and Security and then Check for Updates on Window’s Update tab or manually look up how to install updates from other sources online.

Update Your Operating System

Check Keyboard Drivers

Outdated or corrupted keyboard drivers can cause several annoying issues. When the system is up-to-date and all updates are automatically installed, it is incompatible with older versions of Windows OS that don’t support newer updates.

To fix this problem, open the device manager locate your keyboard driver by right-clicking on the icon then uninstall as needed for any outdated or corrupt keyboards you find there. Uninstalling the keyboard drivers on your laptop is an easy way to update them.

If you have any problems with this process, a driver tool downloader like Driver Booster will be downloaded so that it will fix these issues quickly. This program automatically fixes outdated or missing drivers in seconds-saving time!

Check Keyboard Drivers

Language Settings

Keyboard layouts are organized by an operating system, and this is why it’s important to set the keyboard language for your input result to be accurate.

If you’re struggling with a setting that isn’t working out correctly. All you need do is search “language” in Windows settings. Once there, select “spelling,” followed by “typing,” and finally make sure that you check advanced keyboard options so they may work accordingly without any confusion.

Language Settings

Check Keyboard Settings

Incorrect repeat and delay settings result in Multiple letter typing. Adjusting your keyboard settings can fix the common problem of typing multiple letters.

Open up Control Panel, right-click on the Keyboard icon and then click “Keyboard Properties”.

Adjust the slider for Repeat Delay appropriately to match with your needs from short too long or fast repeat rate changes to slow speeds.

If you are still experiencing this issue after adjusting these options, try our troubleshooting section to help identify what may be causing it.

Check Keyboard Settings

Check The Num Lock Key

When you type text on a keyboard, what language do the keys represent? The answer may surprise you. If your computer has its Num Lock key turned on, each letter represents one of two different characters: an upper-case or lower-case character.

You have to press shift for uppercase letters and control for the lower case! When the num lock is off, every single button produces only one set character; so, if that’s not working correctly with your keyboard it might be because there’s no need to worry about this at all just turn off the Num Lock key.

Troubleshoot the Keyboard

Troubleshooting a laptop is an essential skill for any computer user. To troubleshoot and fix your keyboard, open the control panel on your desktop or device settings menu if it’s not there already.

Then click update (windows 10) then security options until you find Troubleshoot under “applications”.

You can also right-click the start button to bring up a search bar with many more selections including Troubleshot.

If the screen has changed since the last time, you logged in follow the steps one by one that appears on your screen.

Some instances of trouble that may be fixed by this process are when keys do not work at all, they type two letters together instead of one letter.

Troubleshoot the Keyboard

Protect the Operating System from Viruses

Your keyboard can type numerous letters and characters because of a malware infestation known as “malware”.

These viruses can be very tricky, so it is always advised that you have some form of antivirus installed on your system.

If an attack has occurred the best thing to do would be to perform a full virus scan search through all areas to get rid of any threats or potential damage done by these sneaky viruses.

Keyboard Replacement

Keyboards require regular cleaning to maintain a tidy, clean look. Dust and debris collect under the keyboard which can lead to typing errors on your computer.

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Unfortunately, if you have an old laptop that is not as easy of a task due to its size or lack thereof- adjusting it or getting into those little spaces with tools may seem impossible! Fortunately for us though there are solutions; forcefully opening up the top key membrane can be risky in terms of damaging other parts but will allow one access underneath keys.

Make sure before attempting this process that you know what they’re doing otherwise things might get expensive fast!

FAQs Related to Why is my Keyboard Typing Double Letters?

How do you fix a repeating key?

When you type, sometimes it’s hard to avoid a repeated key. This is because the Operating System waits for up to 200 milliseconds before activating the same key again after your finger has been released from that particular button on the keyboard.

To make sure this does not happen, decrease your Repeat delay by sliding closer towards “long”.


If you have been experiencing the frustration of your keyboard typing double letters, don’t worry. You are not alone! We know that it can be hard to figure out why this is happening and how to fix it.

We compiled a few steps to help solve this problem once and for all. Check them out below before trying any other solutions on Google or elsewhere online. I hope you will understand that why is my keyboard typing double letters?

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