Worms Zone Mod APK (Unlimited Money, Skins Unlocked)

Many players have already spent countless days and nights enjoying Voracious Snake Games titles on their Nokia phones before.

Today we will present another Voracious Snake Game called Worms Zone.io for you, which can be played on your Android.

Worms Zone Mod APK is a magical game that has over 200 players participating in it at any given time of the day. The aim of the game is to eat as much food as you possibly can without bumping into other worms or walls.

The more food you eat, the bigger you get and what’s even better is that if someone tries to eat your tail, you have the power to take revenge by eating them right back!

App NameWorms Zone Mod APK
Size98 MB
Latest Versionv3.5.0-b
MOD informationUmlimited Money, Skins Unlocked
Get it OnGoogle Play
Updated 2 days ago

Select the Right Strategy to Groom your Worm

Worms zone.io is a strategy game without time limits and points. This aspect of the game affects both players because playing for a long time will reduce the energy level of each player.

To win, it is necessary to properly plan every turn. Here are three strategies that are commonly used by many players.

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This is the less aggressive strategy among the 3 strategies. Players who use this tactic will focus on finding food and actively avoiding others.

Although slow, you can still be sure that someone using this tactic will reach maximum size just as easily as someone who uses the dominate or evade tactic.

Once you’ve become big enough, it’s easy to fight smaller worms than you. Be patient during your game and don’t worry if others seem to be eating more food!

Just keep actively avoiding others and collecting food that way victory will surely be in your hands by the end of the game!


This is an aggressive and dangerous tactic. Try to hunt as many Players as you can when you start the game.

After that, you mainly focus on hunting weak opponents who have fewer players of their own to develop your Size quickly but at the same time also has many potential risks associated with it.

If you are not so skillful, then other players will soon end up hunting you down and ending your game, getting a sad ending in the process.

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This approach is ideal for those who prefer to take their time, building up their empire slowly but steadily.

When the other players attack each other, watch quietly and opportunistically pounce on any resources they leave behind. Always make sure you have a safe route to retreat to if some danger arises.

This tactic will enable you to work your way up the leaderboard without too much difficulty, so long as you remain aware of your surroundings.

Important Tips and Tricks

Following a few handy tips and tricks will help you to stay away from being worm food.

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Learn the Art of Defense

Avoid other worms by surrounding yourself and having your head facing away from theirs as an alternative to fighting back.

The best way of defending against another worm is to curve you into a ‘C’ shape either in a circular pattern, or simply bent around.

The AI in this game will likely go for the side portion of your snake body so it’s best you hold your position before moving off since waiting them out with this strategy may be tempting but at the same time wouldn’t help you win any races.

Everyone can Kill you

It’s important to note that even the biggest one on the field of play can be removed by other worms.

Be careful if you’re the largest or strongest on the field and not invincible. If you make the wrong move near smaller weaker creatures, they will take you down so don’t let your guard down.

Make sure that your actions aren’t so reckless and don’t run headfirst into enemies or objects, rather slither around them as this will help you fight enemies by taking them out without getting hurt!

Make sure to Finish the Leftovers

As a player, your main focus will be on growing in size by eating the food you encounter while wiggling around the game.

But don’t get too casual with it. Even though you are large, you should still watch out for smaller players that could easily prey on you at any given moment! Make sure to finish the leftovers.

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Download Worms Zone MOD APK for Android

Worms Zone.io is a unique and highly unique video game. You will be completely absorbed in the game and forget the time with its 3D graphics.  What are you waiting for? Download it now, if you want to have some fun!

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